Weird or not weird?

Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset, summertime

I read the prompt in the morning and couldn’t come up with anything, I couldn’t think about a toy that was precious or special to me.  I went in my workshop and thought about it some more. All day long during my work I thought about my childhood room, and all kind of precious childhood memories came to my mind and made me smile. Still I didn’t “see” a favorite toy in my memory.

It took me hours to realize I didn’t have one. I did have toys of course, but nothing that I really treasured or that was special. I was a tomboy, an outside kid, we all were. We played outside endlessly and could always come up with games to play. We hiked in the mountains and rode our bikes as far as we could. We swam in the creeks and puddles we declared for ponds. We all lived on farms and there was always something to do, not too much time to play. I was in boarding school during the week, came home every other weekend and time with my friends was precious.

I thought about the wintertime. We built snowman and igloos, we went skiing and everything we could find was abused as a sleigh, when we didn’t have the real one with us.

But we didn’t always play outside, there were days and weeks when it was snowing and we were stuck at home.

I can see myself reading and helping in the kitchen. I can see myself doing crafts or torturing our dogs trying to teach them tricks that I invented…still no toy.

I had teddy bears and stuffed animals, cars and trains, balls and everything all the kids had. Even a  Barbie that I never unpacked. Board games and all kind of things, but nothing meant more to me than playing outside with other kids.

I didn’t have a favorite plaything as a child! Gosh, I suppose that makes me weird.

How about today, do I have a favorite plaything beside my husband.

I don’t think I do. I love books, music, crafts and all kind of stuff. Nothing in particular that sticks out. I am still the same, an older version of me as a child. I love to be outside, work in the yard or garden and torture our dogs with training, they didn’t ask for. I love to spend time with our friends..

No special toy then or now. I guess that leaves me now with the conclusion that I was weird all my life. Nice prompt…now I am depressed  🙂

Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset, summertime

Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset, summertime

 Toy Story

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

24 thoughts on “Weird or not weird?

  1. My fave was “paper dolls”.
    Since very , very young ( eleven , maybe) I loved to draw “mises” for my dolls.
    Entire collections of sweaters, skirts, dresses and suites, night gowns and leisure wear….
    They said I was good at that.
    At 18 I started a course of design referring to fashion , and in my life, besides being a teacher , I’ve always worked in fashion field…

    But before this, I adored my bike and dedicated my free hours to cycling around….
    Your posts are always adorable!

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    • That is a wonderful story, you should write about it. Do you still have some of your old drawings and collections? One of the older neighbors gave me a doll a stroller for dolls. I don’t know what happened to the poor doll, but I made a bicycle card for our dogs out of the stroller. I don’t think she ever gave me anything after that incident lol


  2. Hey, if you’re weird, I’m weird, and apparently a ton of wordpressers are weird. Honestly, I think people were just so busy doing instead of having that our memories kind of crowded out the things in place of experiences. I, personally, think that’s how childhood should be!

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  3. I didn’t have a favorite toy either. That’s why I wrote about my books. ^_^ You’re so not weird (unless we both are, and I’m totally fine with that).

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  4. There is not just one plaything or toy that comes to mind as being my favorite. Like now, everything has/had it’s time and special place or memory.

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  5. I think outdoor kids are more like you and indoor kids more inclined to have favorite toys. If you wanted to get broader in the definition of toys, books were my favorite things, but my single favorite “thing” was my piano.

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  6. Well, I think this is a fine answer to the prompt! Can you help it if you’re more adventurous than children easily pacified by normal toys? And besides…..the prompt was “favourite plaything”….that doesn’t necessarily mean toy……can be bikes, nature, crafts, etc. In the end, I think you’ve got it all figured out… do I know this? Just by your statement…..”How about today, do I have a favorite plaything beside my husband.” Yep, nothing left to explain to you! 🙂

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