Help is on its way~!

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I grew up with the words “if you are ever lost or in trouble, try to find a policeman” and it made sense to me. We had two policemen in our small village, one was an Italian Carabinieri, the other one an Austrian Gendarm. Both didn’t have too much to do, nothing dramatic ever happened, at least nothing that I can recall.

Cows and horses run away and were stuck somewhere, tourists had to be rescued in the mountains. That was about it. The two policeman were often found helping on the farms, or wandering the streets. They were part of our every day life and all we were on a first name base.

All the kids operated tractors and farm equipment without a licence from an early age on and had to drive the family cars as well, when help was needed. It was normal to all of us, we just heard “don’t you dare and hit a tree” and everybody went on with their business.

My relationship with policemen changed when I moved here to the USA. They gave me speeding tickets and I wasn’t particularly fond of them. You see, there are no speed limits on the highway where I come from. Not being allowed to drive as fast as I wanted, was the hardest thing for me, that and driving cars with an automatic transmission. What were they thinking?

I saw policeman on TV, but I didn’t see them just walking down the streets anymore. Out of sight, out of mind.

Then, years later I was in trouble. I was scared and dialed the 3 numbers that we all know by heart 9-1-1 and when I heard the words “help is on its way” I knew it would be alright.

Minutes seem like hours, when you are stuck in a scary situation. There is lots of time to think and many thoughts crossed my mind. Strangers, people I’ve never met were on their way to help me and I counted on it. I knew they would come and I knew they would help me.

Firemen and policemen run in, when everybody wants to run out. This statement came to my mind and for the first time I thought about it. Strangers were willing to risk their lives for mine. Doesn’t sound like a fair trade, does it?

“I would take a bullet for you” is a saying, used when people want to put their love for someone into words. But would all of us really take a bullet, or would some of us just opt out if it would ever come down to it?

I heard them arrive, they got the situation under control, they got me out and stood by me, until I was taken care of.

I have the deepest and utmost respect for anybody, who is risking their own life for others. Policeman, and Fireman are underpaid in my opinion, they deserve so much more than just a paycheck and a pension.

I was working downtown, looked outside the window and saw the motorcycles arriving. I love motorcycles and I paid more attention. It became quickly clear, that they were there to show their respect to an officer on his last way.

I stopped working as well. I went downstairs, took a few pictures with my phone and stood on the sidewalk, payed respect to a stranger I have never met. Or maybe we did meet and I just don’t know.

A few black sheep can destroy the reputation of a whole flock so it seems lately and I hope that’s not the case. A lot of police officers are out there right now, doing their job and risking their lives for us. They do this on a daily base and that’s a fact as well. A fact that shouldn’t be forgotten, just because the media hardly mentions it anymore.

I am aware of the difficulties some cities are facing right now, it is in the news everywhere and even I, here under my rock in Ohio, have heard about it. So today’s post is not a political statement in any form or way, it is just my humbled opinion~!

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15 thoughts on “Help is on its way~!

  1. Here’s another lady who agrees with you. Police officers and Firemen are the most underpaid and underappreciated people in our society. Every day they put their lives on the line. Many of the students I taught have become a member of one of these two groups, and I am immensely proud of them. Your post is a wonderful tribute to the policemen who do, indeed, “Protect and Serve.”

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  2. I am glad that Tori from over at A Prompt Reply sent me the link to your post. As the wife of a police officer your words have warmed my heart today. It is nice indeed to read this kind message at a time when every move they make is called into question. From our family, we thank you for bringing to light the good experience you had (albeit during a bad experience). Best, Karen

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    • Karen, I am glad you read my post. No idea how you find me, but I am glad you did. Our news reports are very loop sided lately and everybody with a little bit of common sense is aware of that -or should be. So, I am glad it made your day. Best, Bridget


  3. I believe the majority of first responders are dedicated, hard-working people – the police officers, the fire fighters, the EMTs. In my town, they usually arrive within minutes of dialing 911 – when I needed an ambulance, those were the longest minutes of my life. Our EMTs and firefighters are volunteers – God bless them for being willing to leave their own families at a moment’s notice.

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    • I don’t think people think about it, before they actually come in a situation when they need help. I know I never thought about it. Those long minutes changed my outlook on a lot of things. Thank you for your comment and thank you for reading.

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  4. Thank you for this post! There are bad doctors and teachers – so how can we expect all the policemen to be angels, but majority of them risk their lives for us and deserve our respect. Unfortunately the media is not helping 😦

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  5. I believe the vast majority of police officers believe what they are doing is important and do it because they want to do good in this world. I also understand the long, painful history of minorities and agents of the state. Hopefully there will be sometime soon some kind of mutual respect treaty, where suspicions on both sides can be put aside to achieve a greater good. Because I really believe that the bad guys, the bad apples, seem to get all the PR … and the people who do their best get lost in noise.

    Great post!! Thank you for participating and thank you for such an excellent piece.

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    • I always have to laugh when I read “Frisbee Wednesday”. Makes me feel special.

      I am glad you understood my post and agreed with it. I am tired of one-sided, loop sided and blindfolded journalism these days. Bad news seem to attract more readers and I get that. But hoovering over the same story for hours, days, weeks and months is just too much. Mutual respect can only grow when there is any respect to begin with. I try so hard not to write about “racism in the USA” from my point of view. I have a post in mind and ready in my head, but hold back, even though I am ready to explode.

      One day there won’t be any holding back I am afraid.

      Thank you for reading it, and thank you for letting me participate.


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