A Day for the Forgotten~!


Thomas Kennington “Orphanage”

How about we would finally dedicate a whole day in each and every country to The Forgotten? The ones nobody talks about it anymore. The orphans, the ones without family, don’t they deserve a special day as well?

Many of us were lucky and grew up surrounded and cared for by loving family. Others were not so lucky, they grew up in the middle of a dysfunctional family…still we made it; someone was there to help us on the way. In my case it was my Grandmother, others were taken in by distant family members or siblings.

But how about the unlucky ones, the ones that got thrown into a questionable foster care system or worse, the ones waiting in an orphanage for the right family to come by. The ones we all have forgotten, because they don’t belong to anybody.

Most cities have more than one orphanage, there are more; still most of us can’t even name one location.  We don’t know where they are located, it’s like they are hidden from us. Like we would be ashamed they even exist. They don’t fit in our perfect world. That’s why I call them The Forgotten.

A Day for The Forgotten would make us all more aware of a situation, that’s stays hidden and unmentioned right in front of our eyes.

I see fundraisers for animal shelters, for sport teams, for the homeless, for the veterans, but I have never seen one that had been held for an orphanage. I see advertisement for hungry children in other countries and we are asked to give money, but I have never seen one for our own children, the ones that are waiting to be loved just a few miles from where we live.

I would like a day for “The Forgotten”, a day of awareness what’s going on around us. Maybe then they wouldn’t be forgotten anymore.



Familial Feasts

Many countries celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?


14 thoughts on “A Day for the Forgotten~!

    • You are right, we do have too many pointless Holidays and I dislike them all. Actually I dislike everything pointless. I could have been on the forgotten ones, if it wouldn’t have been for my Grandmother. I never forgot, always wondered why we don’t pay more attention to the obvious, or why the obvious stay hidden.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful idea. Where’s the petition??? I want to be the first to sign it! I wonder if one could really start something like that?

    I do know that a lot of children’s agencies like Compassion International (where we sponsored three kids in Brazil which ultimately helped us make the decision to do an international adoption) finally took the homeless children in THIS country seriously, and now you can support kids right here in the US through them. It’s a start, but you’re right about the fundraising thing. I’d love to be a part of something like that.

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    • Everybody can start a petition. There is a certain number of signatures required, depending on who you want to approach. Citywide or nationwide. I just started a petition for our little town against our water department. I need 500 signatures and I will have the media behind me to make things right. You can find petition templates online or make your own. It’s easier than you think, especially if you don’t go after a law change or a new law.


  2. I was given to believe that there are no more traditional orphanages in the United States (wikipedia says this is true), that they have been phased out by the foster care system and, like Marilyn said, only group homes for those who can’t make it in foster care, or those who are not adoptable, exist.


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