Screw that…


Trying to be perfect is very tiring, it wears you out. I know, because I tried it for years. The girls in my generation were raised to be perfect. Perfect wives with a perfect home, perfect kids, perfect husband and these were only our part time goals, because most of us had a full time job as well.

There it was even worse. We needed to be double perfect, to show we were equal to the men we worked with. We had to be better and work harder. We tried so hard, we set our goals so high, we set ourselves up for failure.

Then one day, around our 40’s birthday we blow out the candles and look around us and wonder  “WTF had happened?”. Why are we trying to be someone we are not? Why are we trying so hard to achieve something that is impossible to achieve?

Trying to be perfect is demoralizing, its a race we can’t win.

Years ago I read a sign and it made me think about me my goals. What am I really trying to achieve? Do I want to be the perfect wife? Hell no, that would be rather boring I suppose. Do I really want to be perfect in what I do? No, I want to be great in what I do. I want to be different, I want to be excellent.

“Screw perfect!”

And now I should go and buy me the Saxophone I always wanted. Who cares if I won’t sound like Satchmo, I might come up with some new tunes the world hasn’t heard – yet – and it will be fun.

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Practice Makes Perfect?

Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

15 thoughts on “Screw that…

  1. This is a favorite subject of mine. How we all though we could leap tall buildings at a single bound … until one day, we fell face forward and realized, HELL NO. Superwoman died. Actually, she never lived. We just thought we were her.

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