And off I go…

Patches June 21st 019

Finally, the daily rain has stopped and it is summer in Ohio. It is warm and sunny outside, hummingbirds are drinking from the feeder, flowers are blooming and our outside room looks inviting. 

The orchid, that I bought last year when we lost our oldest dog, is blooming since two days, almost like a sign of approval of our newest furry family member.

Patches June 21st 015

Just a while ago, when it was quiet in the house (too quiet) I stopped typing and went searching for our dogs. I saw a shoe running by -my shoe to be exact- carried by the puppy, who was wagging it’s tail in excitement.

Our older dogs train her well, it seems they show her the boundaries in the dog world and I appreciate it. Watching them is priceless, it makes us smile all the time and it feels good. Our oldest dog, who is almost 12, turned over night into a puppy. They are playing hard and they sleep a lot.

Meet Patches, our newest family member.

Norman 009

Patches is a boxer-pit mix and one of the sweetest puppies I have ever met. She and her sibling were rescued in an area, that I would call “the hood”. They were not even 6 weeks old, when they were taken from a home that didn’t care much about them. They were full with parasites and fleas, had mange and other health issues. Dogs like that often end up as fighting bait, they are given away for free, or like in this case for a couple of bucks.

Our house is always open to a foster puppy or a foster dog, so I took the little girl home with us. We skipped the foster-part right away, named her in the evening and declared her a new family member, after a few sloppy kisses. She is with us since two weeks and she brings joy into all our lives -two and four legged. She is not even 2 months old, grows like a weed and rules our house.

The next 4 weeks are crucial, I just can’t leave it all up to the dogs. I have to set human boundaries now, especially when it comes to my shoes. The next 4 weeks are the “no-no-weeks”, because everything that belongs to us -the humans who pay the bills- will be declared a “no-no.” 

I have lots of work to do and I promised a friend of mine 3 shades for her windows. I am already running behind on all my projects and I fear I will fall behind on the puppy training as well, if I don’t take a break.

As much as I like blogging, it does take some time to write and to read all of your blogs. Summer will be over soon, so I will take time off blogging for about 4 weeks, will focus on my work and on the little munchkin, for the sake of my shoes and our yard plans.

She is a good puppy, she already rings the “puppy bell” when she has to go outside and she listen to her name. She loves the outside and all the plants and critters seem to be her newest friends.

As a proud dog Mama I had to share some of the newest pictures. Please excuse the quality, they just don’t hold still when you tell them to.

I will continue reading in the morning, but I won’t be posting much. No celebrations worries, I will be back. 🙂

To all my quitters, we will stay in contact via email and we will continue to S.N.O.T. every morning as we always do, with a weekly celebration of the smoke-free milestones.

See you soon~!

Frisbee Wednesday


19 thoughts on “And off I go…

  1. She is absolutely adorable! Unfortunately someone else had already given my dog a shoe to chew on, but didn’t give him a doorknob or books or 30 pack of toilet paper to chew–or a phone cord or TV antenna cord. He just pretty much loves to chew on everything! Thanks for posting me your link..I enjoyed this. One of my big dogs likes the Scottie and one doesn’t. I’m unsure of his age. His former owner left the country fast without giving any information. One vet says 11 months, another 2 years.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Judy. As for chewing. does he have enough “good things” to chew on? It’s mostly boredom or stress when they chew on everything. Make sure he gets enough exercise and praise him like crazy, give him rewards when he chews on rawhide bones and pigears or his toys. I work with dog rescue groups, we often see the chewing when they just came in. Anxiety because they lost everything they had?


  2. NOW I see why you are taking a break! You have to get this housebreaking-doggie-good-citizenship thing under control. I actually DID read it, but didn’t connect the dots. And I get it. You really can’t turn your back on them at this age unless you are able to to leave them outside in a fenced yard for a few hours here and there … and then, there are all the other things vying for your attention. It’s one of several reasons why I’m not sure I’m up to another puppy, though I will definitely be “up” for an older dog. Let me know how it goes 🙂 Just never give her anything to chew that looks like a shoe!!

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  3. Patches is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! She looks like the RCA puppy. I can tell you that if I had a lively puppy and a beautiful outside room and flowers, I would be absent from blogging as well. Have fun with Patches, but give her a belly rub from me. She deserves it simply for being so darn cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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