I got mail~!


I signed up for a yahoo email address a few years back and I started to regret that lately. Too much advertisement and what’s worse, too much uninteresting “news” of so called celebrities on the main page.

I still refuse to find out what a Kardashian really is and don’t want to read about a 65-year-old-bar-hopping-transgender person either. I feel like I get stuff like this shuffled down my throat on a daily base and it’s hard to overlook, even if I try to do so.

I still remember the difference between news and gossip. Who split up with who, and what were they wearing in the exact moment of the breakup, is just not considered news in my books. I was reminiscing with a friend of mine and we started talking about the good old days, when we met and how we stayed in touch.

Many of my readers close to my age will remember the times in the late 90’s, when we all had AOL accounts. I can almost see the younger generation frowning and wondering what an AOL might be. AOL, America online, the old browser we all used way back then.

I don’t miss the dial-up drama, but the account itself was fun. What happened to AOL anyway I wondered and looked it up.

They are still existing and have to this day more then 2 Million dial-up customers. I assume there are areas that are so far out of reach, that you can only work with a dial-up modem.

AOL offers a free email service since 2005, what means I must have slept the last 10 years, because I totally missed that. I went to the website and snooped around. Wouldn’t it be great to finally have an own, matching email address for my blog? How does AOL work these days?

No dial-up, just a website with a log-in, a speedy connection to a newer and more modern AOL, even an app for my tablet and phone. Can’t get better than that! I was stunned. Almost missed the old tone and the voice telling me “you’ve got mail.”

I typed in my blog name and sure enough, the name was free and I proudly present my new email address


to all of you smokers and nonsmokers, in case you want to contact me. Bye, bye yahoo~!

What a trip on memory lane. I am thrilled and like the email features and the welcome page so far. No mentioning of Jenner or the Kardashion’s, what a nice break that is! Even AIM, the instant message service is still existing.

I remember it all so well. I sat there in the evenings and dialed into my AOL account, after I had won 3 rounds of rock-paper-scissor against my husband. I spent a good amount of time in the chat rooms and messaged back and forth with friends and family. I met great people from all over the world there, some are still my friends to this day. I wish these chat rooms would be still existing. Maybe I am the only one, but I would like that.

I researched it a little bit more and found out that AOL had been bought by Verizon for the small amount of 4.4 Billions in June 2015. I thought AOL was history and worthless, shows how much I know.

Why do posts like this make me feel old?




16 thoughts on “I got mail~!

  1. A time gone by- I can remember the excitement of hearing that dialing up sound as it tried to connect to the “world wide web” and often the disappointment when it did not! Gmail is great and if you have an android device it can load your photos to the account automatically. My primary email is through my Cable provider-no ads, just plain old email!

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  2. Hubby still uses AOL for mail. Good luck with no ads–hopefully for a LONG while. Back in the day, as one of my students often said, I was “stillovesdonny” (Osmond) at aol. (I always will, lol.) What memories you bring back, Ladybug. Many thnx!

    I can’t deal in Kardashians and Caitlinns either. Just sayin.

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  3. I still refuse to find out what a Kardashian really is… OML! I laughed so hard. I feel the same way. Plus yahoo has so many ads on their pages now that it takes forever to load anything on there, like to send a reply. That’s one reason I’m in gmail now. Do you still have to dial into AOL?

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  4. I am with TPG in Australia and no ads at all. It costs $ 16.- pm and no worries. That is just for e-mail. For internet and land- phoneline another $120.- pm including IPhone.
    We hardly get phone calls except for mouth watering funeral plans or putting solar on the roof.

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