Enjoy the perky boops ~!


Dear young one,

It’s me, your older –much older- self and that’s good news, because as of today, you will at least live to be 51. So stay in shape, you have a long road ahead of you.

Don’t worry, I will not tell you to stop smoking (yes, I know about the hidden cigarettes in school) and I will not give you the lottery numbers, or other news that might help you on your way. Let’s not alter the future; I watched enough movies to know, that this might backfire.

I went to a concert just a while back and made a total fool out of myself. Danced and cheered like I would be 14 again, laughed a lot and didn’t care about the people around me. Who cares that I can’t sing? Who cares that I am too tall? Finally I decided to let go and to not care, what others were thinking and it felt great. I jumped around for 1 ½ hours looking like an arse and it felt great. Our husband was beside me, he did the same. Yes, close your mouth, you get married, but it’s not David.

There is a difference between you and me now. You would go to a concert, but you would still worry what others around you will think about you. It will take a few more years, until you will realize people will still like you and even love you, if you show them who you really are.

You wish Grandmother would lift the curfew and you could go out in the evenings. You wish for the American Levis jeans and those expensive tennis shoes you saw, because everybody else wants them too. You secretly hope David Cassidy falls out of the poster you have in your bedroom and that you two would fall head over heels in love. I assume it won’t help, if I tell you, that he is not the one, neither would you like him these days.

You feel like nobody understands you right now and you feel that Grandma is too tough on you. You don’t know yet, that one day you will miss her dearly and not a day will go by, that you will think of her and will treasure what she taught you.

One day you will wish for one more day, or one more piece of her sour chicken and her buttercream torte (write down both recipes).

I know you love the little village up there in the Alps between Italy and Austria, but I although know that you worry, that you might have to spend all your life on the farm. Enjoy everything around you to the fullest. You might want to save money to buy a camera, so you can take some pictures. Don’t worry about the future too much, don’t worry about where you might live. It’s not about where you live, it’s about how you live and with whom. You will understand that later.

Life your life and live it well. Don’t worry too much about what others think. Continue to study Latin and Greek, but consider dropping French and learn English instead. Something tells me it might come in handy one day.

Have fun, be brave and walk this road. Make your mistakes and try to remember, that there will always be a concert to go to and you will enjoy it, with the right people beside you.

In the meantime, enjoy the perky boobs now, you will miss those later~!

The older one


From You to You

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.

10 thoughts on “Enjoy the perky boops ~!

    • I think I remember it so well, because I think about the last years with my Grandmother often. Although, I have a girl in my life, a neighbors kid, who reminds me at myself when I was her age. It’s almost scary.


    • I think I remember it so well, because I think about the last years with my Grandmother often. Although, I have a girl in my life, a neighbors kid, who reminds me at myself when I was her age. It’s almost scary.


  1. As you say , I wouldn’t have listened , either…
    Was it me , that slender , tall girl , so shy and with no self-esteem at all , whose favorite word seemed to be : sorry….?
    No letters , then , I wouldn’t have listened……!

    Love this post , anyway!


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