Yin and Yang~!

August 8th -2- 036

Let me see, do I really want to focus -again- on something negative and make a list of things, I couldn’t accomplish last week? Or, do I keep on writing, with a smile on my face, and concentrate instead on the things that I did accomplish.

I am tired of all the negativity in the word -blogging world included. I am a positive, little bugger and would like to stay that way. I love the daily prompt and deal patiently with the daily reruns. So what can I do?

Maybe I can write a post and do both, list the negative as well as the positive and keep the scale in balance…yin and yang.

Bad news first -as always.

Here is the list of things I didn’t accomplish last week:

  1. World peace – Again it didn’t work the way I wanted. The world is not listening to me. It seems that the ordinary people want peace, but the leaders and governments prefer to fight, they prefer war.
  2. End Hunger – a total failure as well. As much as I wish to find a solution, I can’t.
  3. End Homelessness – Even though some people are working on it, we can’t get the governments involved in our plans. They seem to look away on purpose. They prefer to not see the homeless.

What’s holding me back? Money, I don’t have enough  money to have a voice. With money you can buy fame and fortune this days, you can even buy so called reality show and bore people to death, with whatever agenda you have. Missing money, fame and fortune is holding me back.

Now the good news. The cheerful list of things I did accomplish:

  1. Once again, I cleaned our house, top to bottom. Once again I mopped and scrubbed, dusted and wiped and could declare victory for about 3 minutes.
  2. I did not flip the person of, who took my parking spot at the Giant Eagle parking lot. I just rolled my eyes in disbelieve and cursed a little bit. But I stayed calm and didn’t rip her head of as I wanted to.
  3. I helped our dogs and taught our new puppy how to climb stairs. I think the dogs didn’t really need me, but it felt good to be involved.
  4. World peace in our house. “The Princess”, “the star” aka lazy Weimeraner accepted the puppy and shares her bed with Patches. That’s a miracle all by itself. I bought the bed, so I  list it under my accomplishments.
  5. I juggled successfully work, household, marriage, friends, neighbors and didn’t drop a ball.

Life was good last week. Like so many woman I seem to like obstacle courses.

Mission accomplished!

August 8th 018

Obstacle Course

Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?

12 thoughts on “Yin and Yang~!

  1. I vacumed and even went on knees to get under the long elmwood bench to get at the dust piling up against the skirting. I really persisted and after mulling over teh job ahead for two weeks, declared victory. I really loath vacuming. Great post.

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  2. I mope when scrubbing too. I’m sorry I couldn’t help it! >_< Sounds like you got a lot done. We'll work on world peace together… a little bit at a time.

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  3. Good post. Yeah, their prompts seem to just be repeats. Same subject matter worded differently. Btw, I have that same Home Interiors figurine in my bedroom. For YEARS. Didn’t realize until a couple years ago she was some kind of goddess.


  4. I consider it a “fiasco” when i reach that kind of tiredness !
    At my age , I have decided to be my “absolute” and “only” master( in the planet Earth , i mean ) and try to not be too much demanding with myself……

    What do you think I am , right or wrong?


  5. Great post, but I have to disagree with you about having a voice. You do and it’s through your blog. It will take more than money to solve the problems of this world – you have to change people’s ideals and behavior. There are many people throughout history w/o money that have changed the world for the better just with words. Staying positive and calmly overcoming life’s daily obstacles changes your world and others around you for the better. – Uncle Mel

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    • I am a little blog with a small voice. I seriously doubt I could make a difference, but like the way you think :-).
      I hesitate a little bit to touch the “big issues” in my blog so far. There are some things that I would like to get of my chest.

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      • Everything starts off small and becomes larger over time. If you are passionate about something, blog away. I’m sure somebody out there will feel the same as you do. That’s how change happens. I have your back, go for it!


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