Go and shuffle it~!


This is what we need, another pill to pop. What a brilliant suggestion! Most of us already swallow too many pills the way it is. Here is a pill to lose weight; here is a pill to give up smoking. Here is a pill for you to go to the bathroom, here is a pill for you to stay out of the bathroom and let’s not forget our most beloved antibiotic, which we take for almost everything these days.

While some pills are necessary to help us to deal with some serious health issues, many just make us sicker and the pharmaceutical industry richer.

The vitamin and nutrition isles in grocery stores remind me at a promise land. One bottle after the next, promises us better health. “Take this vitamin on top of everything else you are already taking and you will feel the difference.” If you won’t feel it, we will…in our wallet.

Nutrition and vitamins in pill-form, wonder juices and shakes everywhere. Low carb, high carb, low sugar and low on taste. Replacement meals that taste like cardboard and chemical shakes promise us the perfect waist line, if we just drink and eat enough of it. “Oh and here are some overpriced and useless multi vitamins, so you won’t feel so guilty when you eat our over processed food.”

So, how about a pill that provides me with all the nutrition’s I need -wow a self adjusting pill, that’s a twist. Well, how about it?

I would say you can shuffle it. I like to buy food, I love to prepare meals and I love to eat well balanced meals. I learned to listen to my body and know what I need. A pill would take the fun out of it wouldn’t it?

What’s next? A pill that promises us satisfaction, so we won’t have to bother with the actual act anymore? Wouldn’t that be almost the same thing and as stupid?

How about an exercise pill? A pill that will make us feel like we just run 5 miles, while in reality we just sat on our desk and typed a post?


Red Pill, Blue Pill

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?


14 thoughts on “Go and shuffle it~!

  1. I’m with you I have to say, I like to prepare meals and think to myself i am doing right by myself. I take enough pills as it is to make me rattle if you shook me, anymore and I’d never have time to cook for myself…..as for all the others no matter what sense they might give us I don’t think they’ll replace the thrill of doing it.

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  2. Same thoughts as yours , regarding the amount of pills around!
    As for your arthritis , congratulations for your successful decisions….

    That idea , of a nutritional pill to feed me completely , without cooking……..
    Well , why not , once in a while?

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    • I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, just a few months after I quit smoking. First thing they did was put me on pills. Take this, take that, you need these vitamins and don’t forget the other shit.

      I researched it a little bit, went back to Europe and Asia for answers to my Million questions. I threw it all away..everything, every pill they had given me and every pill I thought I should take.

      Then I started new, a different diet (some sacrifices there)…and guess what I am pain and medication free.

      This post came from my heart, could you tell 🙂


        • I was born and raised in Europe. I was able to research the disease in different countries, in different languages. I think I remembered my roots, if this makes sense. When you hear “no cure” it means actually they don’t know sh**. If they don’t know where it comes from and what caused it, then why all the pills?

          I don’t think I was brave, more desperate. It was the biggest eyeopener for me ever.


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