Bye, bye African American~!


I would like to eliminate the word “African American” forever. Go away word, you are not needed anymore. We are all Americans; it’s as simple as that.

At least for me! Why are we even using the differentiation? 

Americans who are born here become African-Americans by birth, just because they happen to have a dark skin color. Their roots are here, their family history is here…but still we call them African-American.

And what about the people who happen to be black, but are from countries like Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, Peru and many more? They have family roots and traditions as well, but we label them African-American in the moment they come here. It’s like we would erase all their history and everything they are proud of. 

Sorry, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s just another useless label to keep us separated. We are all one. 


No, Thank You

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

5 thoughts on “Bye, bye African American~!

    • I don’t use it either. They changed it once over night and it made never sense to me. It’s not logical…not at all. A good friend of mine is from the UK, he happens to have a tan. You should hear him when they call him African-American. He can’t stand it.


  1. “That man is fair haired while his sister is a brunette…” is just a descriptive sentence , without any negative or offensive intent…
    I’d like the term Afro-American , to follow the same purpose as , here in Europe for instance , we can’t say we are all Americans…..
    Would you agree If I used the term “black” ?
    I don’t see any bad meaning in it…..
    Vive la difference!

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