Why I don’t like Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner~!

gender neutral

We watched Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer and like so many, I felt sympathy. I can’t imagine how it must be, to feel lost in your own body. Wanting to be a different gender is beyond my capability of understanding.

However, I understood what he was saying and wished him well. He wanted to spend one year in private, transitioning from a man to a woman. I firmly believe that everybody has a right to happiness and I don’t judge people for their sexual orientation, gender, race or whatever else makes us different.

I must have misunderstood the one-year thing, or a year has just a different meaning in Hollywood because, just a few weeks later there it was, the pinup photograph on the cover of a magazine. Bruce Jenner, now called Caitlyn, in all his glory, photoshopped beyond recognition.

Overnight I learned, that he wanted all of us to call him Cait or Caitlyn and I heard that he referred to himself as a female.

I usually don’t read stuff like that, but it was hard to overlook. His, sorry, her pictures were everywhere. Every day another one and then there it was, the final announcement of a TV series. Another reality show, for viewers who feel the need to watch other people’s life.

“Do you want to come back as a woman?” is an old question and I always answer with “Hell No, I want to be a dog in a home like ours.” I would sleep all day, eat, play, have fun and get a belly rub in the evening. Beats being a woman don’t’ you think?

I didn’t care for Bruce Jenner too much before, why would I care about him/her now? I am not into reality TV; I have a real life at home.

I hate to say it, but I don’t think Bruce Jenner wanted to be a woman, I believe he wanted to be a Kardashian woman. Standing in the limelight in all his/her glory, wearing expensive clothes and accessories. That’s what it pretty much comes down to, at least in my books.

Bruce Jenner is showing us the woman, only a man could create.

I am a woman by birth. I might know a thing or two, about what it means to be a woman and clothes, make-up and shoes are on the very bottom of my list.

I was a young woman in the 70’s and 80’s, worked in a men’s world and had to prove on a daily base, that I was just like one of them. I had to deal with sexual harassment -like many of us- way before we could complain about it. I had to dress down, just to make sure I wasn’t just seen as a woman, but as an equal co-worker.

I worked the same job, but got less pay and fought for equal rights in the workforce and an almost equal pay. I had men stare at my boobs and slap my behind.

Being a woman is and was a daily struggle of juggling home, family and work in one hand while taking care of many other things with the other.

By all means, we are not all the same; there are different kinds of women. But I know, we can always find something that we have in common, and it has nothing to do with clothes or our appearance.

I think the Scandinavian Countries are on to something when they added a neutral gender.

If your DNA shows that you’re a man, but you dress and look like a woman, then maybe that’s just really what it is. Same goes for the other way around. I don’t mean it offensive, but for me, it would be the best solution so that people who are transgender won’t be pushed in a drawer anymore.

I watched Bruce/Caitlyn’s Jenner’s speech and had to giggle when I heard him/her say “Girls, now I know what you have to go through.”

No, you don’t, not even close~!

I don’t think that you can live 65 years as a man and then voila, you jump into a dress and wear makeup and you feel like a woman.

I don’t think that someone – who sells himself to the highest bidder any chance he gets – will ever understand what being a woman really means.

 Well, there you go. My 2-cents on the subject~!


31 thoughts on “Why I don’t like Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner~!

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  2. As I have mentioned in a previous comment, and just to drive the point home. Bruce Jenner is a nasty piece of work who ultimately cares about himself and the publicity. He is not altruistic and/or philanthropic, not in the slightest, oh sure, he’ll give some encouraging words, but that’s all; words. As a bi curious male, I think I have a right to set things straight the issue with someone as morally myopic as Bruce, not Catlyn, BRUCE! It’s such a breath of fresh air for me to have found this. Thank you for speaking up and proving to me that not everyone has their screws loose.


    • Most of the trans community don’t like Caitlyn. If anything, they simply can’t relate with him/her because he’s (for simplicity’s sake, I’ll just settle for her, because I certainly don’t give a damn about him) wealthy, prolific, and a celebrity who’s committed vehicular manslaughter and never convicted for it. You can probably imagine how many trans people worth a ton of money.


      • My best friend, happened to be a gay male in the 80’s. He liked to dress up, but he wasn’t transgender. People then were as judgmental as they are today. He didn’t have an easy life. he passed away over 15 years ago.


  3. Two words – vehicular manslaughter. Right before transitioning. No charges pressed. I wish Bruce well, because he’s gonna need it. But I pray good will and blessing to the family’s victim, because they deserve it.

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  4. I fully agree with your points. I think it was a tremendous shock to (h)im/er to find out it’s not all glamour shots and couture clothing. And until you have to suffer through menses and cramps and bloating and acne because you’re on your period, you have NOTHING to say about ‘being a woman”. Nothing at all. I feel for those who are transgendered, but I have to wonder at the same time if they understand exactly what it’s really like to be ‘born’ female or male and if it is a big shock when they achieve their goal of becoming .. whatever. For (M)r/s Jenner, they’re a travesty. I am outraged on behalf of any transgender who had to fight and endure indignity and jokes about themselves, who had to hide for years before they could become who they felt they were. To ME? (M)r/s Jenner just wanted some more publicity.

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  5. “I didn’t care for Bruce Jenner too much before, why would I care about him/her now? I am not into reality TV; I have a real life at home”….
    Well I could also have said those same words!…. You are so right… A very witty post…
    And just for the record, I think the whole issue was setted up for the media… I mean strictly for business! ($) … Love and best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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    • You are way too smart for your age :-).

      I agree with you, it’s all about money and publicity. People like that don’t have any morals or natural shame. If they could make money with their dead relatives..they would dig them up.


  6. I also had some thoughts when Caitlyn said she knew what we go through now….I had to laugh. I couldn’t relate to what she thought women went through….dress and shoes-really? It reminded me that being a woman is much more than clothing, hair, and makeup. I wish her well with her new look.

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