Puppy Love~!

august 25th 018

It is Frisbee Wednesday again at Serendipity’s blog and I will use this post today, to give you all an update on our newest, four legged family member -our rescue puppy that we named “Patches”.

She is now 13 weeks old and we have finally a clean bill of health. She is growing like a weed and the scale shows almost 20 pounds already. We didn’t want another dog, didn’t want our older dogs to have to deal with a hyper puppy. Although, I still miss our BooBoo -even though she is gone since a year- I didn’t feel ready for a new dog.

Patches is the star in our house, our senior dogs took her in and raise her in an unbelievable way. We have an older Weimeraner and if you ever had the pleasure to meet this breed, then you will know that they are rather lazy. They live for food and have a tendency to overeat. They have no clue how big they are, they are very sensitive creatures and are very person oriented dogs. They don’t share; they want the full attention…always.

August 31st 001

Our Weimeraner girl watched the puppy for about 3 days, until she felt it would be alright to check her out. She decided to accept her and teaches her to play gentle. There is no roughhousing with a Weimeraner and she makes clear, that the puppy understands her rules. They cuddle up together, they sleep together and they even share their food. Patches plays gentle with her, lost of cuddling going on.

Our oldest dog is a Lab mix, he is 12 years old and he was mopping around, ever since we lost Booboo. Now it seems that he found the fountain of youth, he is playing hard and his tail is wagging all the time. He shows the puppy everything he thinks, she must know. He showed her how to patrol the fence and he makes sure she knows when to bark. He even shares the squirrels with her, what means she is allowed to run first after them, before he shows her how it’s done. They play hard and they sleep hard in a corner in my workshop, sometimes even with the evidence.

August 31st 022

I went to puppy school last week and we were the star of the show. Not so much me, but Patches. She knows sit and down when told, she shakes “hands” and was on her best behavior for a full hour. The total show off.  I got the credit, but it was undeserved. I didn’t teach her to sit; neither did I teach her to lie down. She does it, because those are the commands I give the older dog. She copies them, in almost everything, and so she learned what she is supposed to do. Having her shake a paw…was a piece of cake.

She is a good girl and fits in our home perfectly.

8-16-2015 009

Serendipity’s photo prompt


12 thoughts on “Puppy Love~!

  1. She looks almost exactly like Idina! The patch is over the wrong eye, but still… Idina is a rescue. They told us she was a boxer mix, but I’m not sure what’s in her. I think more pit than anything, but there might be some Jack Russel. Idina is the sweetest thing and loves to lick.

    My bet is Patches is just as cute and just as sweet as Idina. At least she looks like it!


  2. That has got to be the absolutely cutest puppy ever. The one black eye patch … she looks like a dog from a 1930s movie. I’m very glad she’s fitting in and becoming part of the pack. Three dogs is a very good number. It’s especially good when everyone gets along with everyone else.

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