Knock, knock Writing Challenge Week #3


It seems like the daily prompt is back to normal for the moment, but I still would like to keep the writing challenge going.

This weeks challenge:

Write about your favorite painting. Why do you like it? What’s the story behind it, do you know? And why is it special to you?

I will post my story tomorrow in the morning.

Wishing everybody a nice longer weekend~!

Please post a link to your answer in the comment section, so that I can put them all together here.

“The Lady with the mystic smile” by MLou

“Leonard Bergman” by Seredipity

“A Colorful Magic” by Impromptu Promptlings

“Knock, Knock writing challenge” by DailyMusings

“Favourite Artist” by Morpethroad

“The poor poet” by me

25 thoughts on “Knock, knock Writing Challenge Week #3

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  7. When I read the prompt inmediately I thought of Van Gogh’s “sunflowers” , like Gerald….
    My inconscious must have overwhelmed me(once more) , because I don’t entirely agree with this choice , actually….
    See you tomorrow….

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