A Kentucky Derby without Horses…

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…and who is going to win? Has this country gone mad?  I am sickened about what is going on in Kentucky, it makes me shake my head in disbelieve. I feel like we are thrown back into middle age believes, at least part of the country. 

So, there is a Ms Davis, an elected county clerk in Kentucky, who refuses to give out marriage licenses to same sex couples, because of her religious believes. She, who herself took marriage up as a hobby -4 times- refuses the right to get married to others.  By doing so, she is forcing her believes on everybody else.

She went even further and refused to obey court orders. Therefore she had to spend 4 days in jail. She became the new spokesperson and martyr for her new-found, twisted view of Christianity. She acts like she is forced to give up her believes, while in reality she has a clear option to avoid actions, that she finds morally wrong. She has the right to resign at any time. Nobody forces her to endorse gay marriage, but, she is asked to do her job -if she stays in her position. She is although asked to perform her legal responsibilities.

Ms Davis took on a government job, that requires her to issue marriage licenses, but she chooses to discriminate instead. She chooses to ignore the votes of the people and the ruling of the Supreme Court. I do wonder what will be next? What, if she decides not to issue death certificates of people who lived in “sin”? Can she refuse death certificates of divorced people or would that be a conflict of her own interest?

How far will we let her go?

Most importantly, do we all have her rights now? Can we all now pick and choose the laws we want to obey and ignore the others?

I am really concerned about my religious freedom. I am agnostic and would like to keep the right to believe and not to believe, or like in my case, the right to not know. Mixing religion and government that’s a recipe for disaster, an evil poison. We are a democratic republic, founded on the rule of law, not (any) God.

I can’t believe she got only 4 days in jail for ignoring a federal court order, that’s like a slap on her wrist. She is very lucky that I am not a judge. Why hasn’t a district judge removed her from office; she fulfills all the criteria’s. “Incompetency”, “Gross ignorance” and “refusal to perform a duty imposed on the officer by law”…what are we waiting for?

Separation of Church and State was designed to save us all from this sort of religious extremism and that’s exactly what it is. “Ms Davis, you don’t work in a strip clubs, if you don’t want to show what God gave you.” It’s as simple as that. You don’t go there, sign up and tell the girls not to dance, just because you feel you can’t do it. What you are doing is ludicrous.

Ms. Davis can believe whatever she wants in her private time. At work she got elected to do her job and the duties that come with it. Her personal opinion is irrelevant and doesn’t matter. She can leave her elected government office along with its lucrative salary, benefits and pension and obtain a different position more in keeping with her new-found alleged religious beliefs. The fact that Ms. Davis refuses to exercise this option only adds credence to the widespread belief that what she values most is not so much respect to her God but rather the attention she is receiving by obstructing legally ordained government functions. (Source New York Times)

This is not about religion, it’s about publicity. What’s next….book rights, preaching for money, a life time movie or a sponsored witch hunt against gay people?

This is chaos isn’t it?

To all the gay couples in Kentucky: “Go apply for a marriage license as soon as she is back in office. Throw her right back into jail -if that’s what’s needed- hopefully this time without pay and benefits and with a high fine and penalties.

Shame on you Ms Davis~!


33 thoughts on “A Kentucky Derby without Horses…

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  2. I agree with you 100%. I am a believer, but I’m getting so sick of being lumped in with this group of religious nut cases that I’m almost embarrassed to say that. You’re right. She got what she wanted — publicity. GREAT post!

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  3. Hey, love this post. This whole scene is definitely a circus. Hate that it is going down in Kentucky and perpetuating the myth that we are all backassward cretins. I assure we are not. And you’re right, 4days is an utter joke, as is the level of support for such narrow mindedness.

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  4. I agree with your comments. The religious right is a powerful group, unfortunately but I applaud your country allowing SSM. The majority of Australians favour it too but the conservative right hold on to an ancient belief. I think the world looks on with interest to what eventuates in Kentucky.

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  5. At least you do allow SSM. Here in Australia we are still opposing SSM and isn’t as yet allowed. Our failed priest, Prime minister T.Abbott believes marriage is between a woman and man only.

    Of course that goes together with locking up in indefinite detention all refugees coming by boats.

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