Scarlet O’Hara meet Dr. Lecter


I was looking forward to read Gone by the wind, I had heard and read so much about it. It was a ‘must read’ -so I  have been told- and one Christmas, when I thought my English was good enough to read a whole book, I went out to the library and brought it home.

Maybe I was too old then and expected too much. Maybe I didn’t understand that Southern Belle thing  or maybe I just didn’t know that I had to picture Rhett Butler with the face of Clark Gable. I might get tarred and feathered for writing this, but I read the book with only one question on my mind, “What in the world was wrong with Scarlet O’Hara?” I mean talk about a spoiled brat. It took about 900 pages of her manipulating others, until she finally realized that the had run after an illusion (I could have told her that on page 50). I think Scarlet O’Hara is one of my least favorite characters in a book.

So I would like her to meet Doctor Hannibal Lecter, from Silence of the Lamb

The End

(sorry couldn’t help it)


Worlds Colliding

Take two main characters from two different books (either fiction or nonfiction) and introduce them to, or have them meet, each other. What would happen next?


9 thoughts on “Scarlet O’Hara meet Dr. Lecter

  1. Actually , in my youth , nearly all the novels were full of exemplar feminine-characters , sometimes very boring.
    Scarlet O’Hara , whom I met at sixteen , constituted the classical “antihero”and all the girls were interested in this character , finding at last something different and dared .

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