Congratulations Australia~!

Malcolm Turnbull

I never knew too much about Australian politics, that changed when I started blogging. Blogging made my world smaller, so it seems. All of a sudden I had friends in Australia and politics was a subject, were they all became very “talkative” in their blogs. I could read between the lines that most of them had foam around their mouth and smoke coming out of their ears, when they talked about Prime mister Tony Abbott. The few Australian curse words that I learned, will come in handy if I will ever visit Australia.

I was interested and started reading more and more about it and I understood more and more. It didn’t sound too good (understatement) and it wasn’t promising at all.

So to all my Australian friends…Congratulations on last nights election that will hopefully bring the change you all were waiting for. Malcolm Turnbull is the new Prime Minister and I like what I read about him and what he stands for. Economy first…that’s the way it should be~!

Now I just wish I would see a candidate that promising on our political horizon as well and my little world would be back to almost being perfect.

Finishing this post with my all time favorite quote from Winston Churchill, because that’s how I feel, when I look at our politicians here in America right now, clown mobile and all:

Winston Churchill vs. a member of Parliament
MP: “Mr. Churchill, must you fall asleep while I’m speaking?”
Churchill: “No, it’s purely voluntary.”

14 thoughts on “Congratulations Australia~!

  1. I was very interested in this news from Australia. It holds hope that in October, Canadians will manage to oust the uber-conservative wannabe-dictator currently in power. Harper’s government has managed to destroy the Canadian reputation for kindness and so many of his policies have thrown us backwards.
    I can only hope that the world has a major wake-up call and realizes that fear-mongering fuels racism and cost-cutting shreds the soul of a country when it is borne entirely by the middle class.
    … and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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  2. Yes, Malcolm Turnbull is our new PM and also a very, very rich man. He is not doing it for the money but seems to be driven by power. We shall see.! In the meantime we still have refugees in off-shore detention camps including children . I haven’t heard our new PM what he plans to do with thousands in permanent detetion.
    It is Australia’s Guantanamo bay.

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    • Well, I think politician are always driven by power or they wouldn’t run for the highest office. I don’t believe a second that any of them does it for our sake…not anymore.

      The refugee problem is a worlds problem and I wish the world leaders would sit down and come with a solution. A fair share so to speak. We take only 10,000 in what is a joke and angers me.


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