Laughing with hoops~!


We went to the circus when I was a kid and I loved it. I loved everything about it. The smell, the horses, the acrobats and the clown who made me laugh so hard. Then, later on, when I grew up I refused to go to the circus…any circus. I feel that animals, small and big, shouldn’t be held in a cage for our amusement. I don’t go to a zoo and for sure not to a circus. I don’t want to see animals being held in captivity, it’s as simple as that.

So it took me by surprise, when my best friend called me, telling me that she had bought two tickets for us, because there was a circus in town. I asked her if she had hit her head that day and she gave me the that’s-what-friends-are-for-speech, what pretty much meant “shut up and trust me”, and so I did.

She did mention that it would be a different circus, but didn’t tell me what kind. I mumbled “It better be a flea circus”, but I got dressed and was ready when she came by to pick me up.

We drove downtown and then I saw it, it was a big, unusual circus tent. The Cirque du Soleil was in town. I had heard about it, but didn’t really know what it was all about.

I spend the evening in awe and felt the same emotions I had felt, when I was a small child. A circus without any animal acts, but with acrobats from all over the world, it was so much fun. I didn’t know what to look at first; everything was so stunning and so beautifully performed.

I didn’t want that night to end, but it did.

Now I got this magical cape that will give me a special talent, so that I can be the replacement for the missing circus act.

I am thinking back about that night, try to figure out what special talent I would like to have. There are so many to choose from, everything these acrobats do is so far away from my reality.

I would like to be the clown with the hoop. Remember these hula hoop rings when we were kids? Everybody I knew was able to spin those damn rings on their hips…everybody –even boys when they tried- but not me. No matter what I did, or what I tried, the ring was down on my ankles in no time. I was the total failure in hula hoop and it always bugged me.

Now with the magical cape I will entertain the crowed and will finally be able to control a hula hoop.

My post to this weeks “Knock Knock writing challenge”

10 thoughts on “Laughing with hoops~!

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  2. Le cirque du soleil….
    A dream , before seeing it , and other dreams , recalling all the amazing performances, the colours and the magic in it,after my visit to the cirque!
    Agree with you: stunning!

    (I’ve never been able to control a hula hoop, either!)


  3. So THAT’S where the idea of your prompt came from! I’m still thinking on it, hoping to get it done before we leave. My trouble is I find I have NO child’s imagination when it comes to this kind of stuff. I DO love Cirque du Soleil. The have a company over in Vegas year round. My niece has considered taking a job with them. She’s a lighting technician.

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