Don’t be dumbid?

september 24 035

Our not so little puppy Patches had her 4 month birthday yesterday. She weighs already 25 pounds and gets more and more black spots. Many are still under the fur on her skin and just shine through, others pop up over night. 

She just had her final shots, got her rabies tag and so we went to puppy school this afternoon. She is going to be a big dog; somewhere between 50-70 pounds would be my guess, so puppy school is a good place to socialize her and the first session is free. I wanted to give it a try.

Puppy school is pretty much like visiting a flea circus. Little puppies are bouncing around everywhere and on the other end of the leash there is a proud owner attached. Many of them are first time dog owners; you can see it in their eyes. A little bit of panic and confusion, paired with a healthy dose of I-don’t-know-what-I-am-doing.

As for me, well, it’s not my first rodeo. Patches is the latest addition in our zoo aka animal house. I remember years back, when my best friend had her first baby, she was a nervous wreck. Every time the toddler fell she was all over him and she showed more pain than he did. A few years later, when Baby #3 fell, it wasn’t a big deal anymore. Just quick checks if he was bleeding, and he was send on his way again.

It’s similar with dogs. I don’t panic anymore. What’s the worst that can happen? She pees in the middle of the training area, or she nibbles on someone’s shoe. No big deal! 🙂

We, the proud dog owners sat down on our chairs and tried to make our puppies sit right beside us…or maybe under us…or in front of us. Patches was the shining star, she sat there like a ‘big girl’ and I got the credit, even though I have nothing to do with it. Our dogs train her and she copies their behavior. She does what they do. I give the command “sit” and they sit, so does she now. She knows “no, no”, “enough”, and “shake”, but there she gets confused and doesn’t know what paw she should “shake” with. Sometimes we get both…at the same time. 🙂

ebay 003

We all introduced each other. First our name and then the puppy’s name, breed, age and everything else that we thought people ought to know.

There was a Shar-pei puppy, a little Shepherd dog, a Cocker spaniel, a Poodle, a Pit-bull, a little Wiener dog, something else that I can’t remember and our mutt.

This is Patches, she is 4 months old and a rescue puppy. We don’t know for sure who her Mommy and Daddy are, but we assume it was Mr. Boxer and Mrs. Dalmatian (or vise versa).”

The dog trainer, a young kid, looked at me and said: “I write her down as a Boxmation.”

“What?????????” I looked puzzled.

“Patches is a mutt, a mixed breed, the best dog breed there is and we are proud of her”, I told him and Patches was wagging her tail. She always wags her tail, but that’s beside the point. She agreed with my statement, it was obvious.

The kid, aka dog-trainer-wanna-be didn’t agree. He insisted on her being a Boxmation. I could feel my body temperature raising. I am so sick and tired of all these made up dog breeds, that people make up in the blink of an eye, just so that they can sell a mixed breed puppy for lots of money. Many breeds that are being crossed now, have serious health issues, just because people don’t know what they are doing. A Morkie, Chowsky or a Puggle is still a mutt, a mixed breed. Who are they trying to fool?

A Boxmation! What utterly nonsense that is. Make belief in a make belief world? Pretending to be something that we are not?

He didn’t listen, didn’t care what I was saying, even though I made myself clear.

He went on to the next person beside me, who had a hard time making his dog sit. The wanna-be-trainer tried to explain to her what to do and then he said “Look at the Boxmation, she knows how to sit”.

I lost it inside and I could feel it. I didn’t like the trainer, the surrounding and everything about this stupid place (sorry).

My neighbor to the right started chuckling, “I don’t think you two will be friend”, he said. He was the owner of the Shar-pei and he looked as bored as I felt.

“He is just dumbid” I mumbled and he looked at me funny.

“Dumbid?” he asked.

“It’s a mix between dumb and stupid” and we both smiled at each other. The smile turned into laughter. It’s hard to look sincere, when you laugh inside. Patches and I decided to leave, she knows enough dogs and will be just fine.

I don’t do dumbid very well. 🙂

september 21 022


7 thoughts on “Don’t be dumbid?

  1. I remember when I discovered my purebred PBGVs had both been listed by the vet tech as a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mixes. Okay, you are ignorant but there’s this BIG CHART on the wall of the vet’s office showing all the AKC registered breeds, among them, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, or PBGV. For which our dogs were fine examples. Dumbid hardly covers it 🙂

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