School shootings! Why oh why?

school masacer

The last time I cried for strangers and felt the need to reach out, was when I was on my way back home on December 14, 2012, when I heard the news, about the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary school. It wasn’t the first school shooting I heard of, but it was the first one that made me cry. Names like Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook are burned into the minds of our generation.

I was certain, absolutely certain, that the shooting at Sandy Hook would change our thinking. No one could get up saying “guns are not the problem”, after a nation just watched the burials of small children. That’s what I thought and once again -I was wrong. Nothing changed.

People still say “Guns are not the problem”, and whenever I hear that, I freeze inside and wonder how many more people -adults and children- will have to be killed by a mad person with a gun, until we will finally realize, that we might have a problem?

I just turned the news off, after I listened to the broadcast of another school shooting in Oregon. I won’t turn the news on for at least 2 days, because they media will hover over it. There will be interview after interview with everybody who knew the victims or the shooter. I feel that the media coverage is part of the problem.

Maybe it’s just a modern crime and we have to live with it. But if that’s the case, why do most of the school shootings happen in the U.S. and not in the rest of the world?

Between 1991 and 2013, there were over 50 school shootings in America with more than one victim and at least one fatality. No other country had more than three school shootings in the same time frame. That does make one wonder, doesn’t it?

The United States owns more guns per resident. than any other nation. 89 guns per 100 people, that’s quiet a number isn’t it? Although the fact that most of the killers obtained the weapons legally should make us rethink our gun laws.

“You can’t take the guns away from the American people”, is something that I hear over and over. Why not? Why can’t we take the guns away?

“Guns in the wrong hands, that’s the problem” is another argument, that can be heard after each shooting. School shooters are often called mentally ill, because no sane person would show such violence. Background checks for mental illness on people who purchase firearms, proves to be tricky business “people who are mentally ill and who seek treatment, expect their records to be kept confidential.” Unless American society decides, that a patient’s confidential medical records should be put on the NICS, which is used to run background checks on people who purchase firearms, preventing the mentally ill from purchasing a firearm becomes a long, challenging process.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which concerns the right to bear arms, is always a hot controversial issue, especially during election season. Most politicians won’t even dare touching this subject, because nobody want’s to risk to loose voters. That’s like saying “We will have to raise the taxes, because we are broke.” You don’t win a flower pot with that either.

The right to own a gun is almost untouchable -so it seems. but what about the right to see your child back at home after a day in school? Don’t parents have right too? What about the children and their right to go to school, without being scared about a mass shooting?

We might not be able to solve the problem we have right away, but I want to see us trying. I think it’s a combination of a lot of things that make all these school shootings possible. I don’t want to get used to news like that, but I feel that’s were we are going.

My original post today was about the “Kid President” instead I would like to share a youtube video of children, how they reacted to the Newtown school shooting in 2012. Very interesting to watch and to listen to. Maybe we should listen to kids more often, especially when it comes to school shootings. My heart goes out to the people who are affected by the school shooting today.


27 thoughts on “School shootings! Why oh why?

  1. I dislike the fact there is a need for another post like this.
    Like you, I will be avoiding the news for the next few days. I too believe that media is part of the problem.
    I too hoped and believed that Sandy Hook would be the catalyst for real change in the US. I was saddened to discover that the gun culture is so entrenched in the US that even the killing of small children in their classroom couldn’t nudge the narrow, pigheaded thinking of the gun lobby.

    The statistics speak for themselves.

    Guns kill people.
    More guns do not make the risk of violence go away. In fact, it makes it worse.

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  2. There are certain stresses that our younger generation faces that I never had to face. Find a job, student debt and the loss of belief in God are just a few. Guns to have place in our society as we as citizens are the one’s who will protect our own communities in the event of invasion, but when we allow these tools to fall into the hands of those who are troubled in our society some type of action has to take place. We must come up with a solution. I know that as one who carries a gun both on duty and off duty I have been trained to use my weapon only to preserve my own life or the life of another in a defensive manner. I go through this training every year and I do notice how instructors do look for certain signs of not so normal behavior or thought patterns.

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  3. Working at a public school, I have seen and reported a gun on campus. The response was that the sheriff told the perpetrator that a “crazy teacher” overreacted to seeing his weapon. He was asked not to have it in sight anymore. No other action was taken. This is frightening.

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  4. The gun lobby is so powerful no one seeking election to public office will say openly they want to change the second amendment, and that’s where the problem lies. We have gun crime here across the pond but not as much because guns are mainly bought and sold under the counter when used for crime. Changes to your constitution are made all the time, so why not change the second? Allow some more people to carry concealed weapons and make the cowards think twice.


  5. Yes, when a terrorist attack innocent people all normal people are greatly affected. What bothers me is when politicians use the tragedy to justify robbing law abiding citizens of their right to own and use guns for their own protection. When you have gun free zones these terrorist individuals, who have rightly been identified as cowards, know that they will not be challenged. I don’t espouse vigilantism but I might suggest that gun free zones be abolished and more concealed carry permits be issued. A coward never likes to be challenged.

    In this instance and others that occur on a college campus, they should have a course in gun safety and use. They could even offer qualifications for the concealed carry permit if the student successfully completes the program and meets the government guidelines for owning and using handguns. I don’t think a terrorist will attempt to chose a location for their heinous acts if they know that they face immediate retribution.

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    • I went to the emergency room a while back and had to go through a metal detector first, before they could help me. The security guys were armed and I wondered if I went to a military hospital, even asked why that all was necessary (I know naive little me right?).
      A few hours later, while still in the ER I was waiting for my discharge paper and saw the backdoor at the end of the hall way open. I went out, to get some air, and stepped right in to the smokers corned. The door was like a side entry and a brick blocked it form shutting all the way.

      I was wondering about the security at a hospital and it made me aware of the fear we live in.

      I would like to see a solution for this problem. I don’t like it that everybody can have a gun. I think it’s too easy to get a gun and I although belief that gun owner should have a gun safe.

      As far as I am concerned, the doctor/patient confidentially flies out of the window when you ask for a gun permit.


  6. I think the media is a major part of the problem. These things have become entertainment for us, not tragedies. This country is turning into a modern day Rome, full of blood lust. I have little hope that it will ever get any better. I think we’re head for some sci fi future that we’ve barely imagined. I shudder to think of how things will be for my grandkids…

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    • I can not even begin to imagine what kids must feel and think this days. Teachers are scared, children and parents are scared. Some are asking for more guns “arm the teachers”, others for loss or no guns.

      I am not a politician, but I would say the answer is in the middle somewhere.

      I liked your comparison with ancient Rome and the games at the Colosseum


  7. In Australia the public are not allowed to have guns. You need to have a special permit and reason for having and it has to be locked in a safe at home. I know guns are such a controversial topic, I mentioned the incident this morning, and he said there are always going to be people who want to kill, but they might just kill less. Having easy access to guns makes it a much easier.

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  8. Perhaps you already saw this article, but I shared it on my FB a few moments ago:

    This is the headline from the Boston Globe: “There have been more mass shootings this year than days.” The article was published yesterday, October 1, not today, not after today’s mass shooting. You probably know that 13 people, college students most of them, are dead today. A young man decided to shoot a gun today. A young man decided to kill.

    The data comes from a website called ( Today’s shooting, 13 dead in a community college in Oregon, is not yet in the database.

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