You shall not lie Ms Davis~!


The elected country clerk, three time divorcee and newborn Christian, Kim Davis, who had spend five days in jail, because she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, met the Pope in a private meeting. I read the headline in disbelieve…of all the people in this country, why in the world would Pope Francis meet with Ms. Davis in a private meeting? Don’t we have better hypocrites than her?

Mat Staver, the lawyer for Davis, said the session lasted 10 minutes and was just between the Pope, his client and her husband. He said pictures were taken and will be released at some point.

“I was humbled to meet Pope Francis. Of all people, why me?” Davis said in the statement. “Pope Francis was kind, genuinely caring, and very personable. He even asked me to pray for him. Pope Francis thanked me for my courage and told me to ‘stay strong.'” (Source CNN)

“Of all people why me?” she asks and I had the same question. Maybe Pope Francis wanted to meet someone like her, to see how hateful some so called Christians still are? Maybe he wasn’t feeling well and needed something to make his stomach turn around?

Now matter how I tossed and turned it, I couldn’t wrap my head around it. The Vatican didn’t deny the story, but didn’t comment on it either, what left us once again with Ms. David’s side of the story and her own interpretations.

The Pope strongly defended religious freedom in speeches at the White House, Congress and avoided particular political issues. Pope Francis has famously said “Who am I to judge” and urged bishops not to engage in constant culture war fights over same-sex marriage.

I agree with Pope Francis when he says “conscientious objection is a right that is a part of every human right”, but I would like to ad, that no one forces Ms. Davis to give up her believes. We are just asking her to do her job.

The people voted and it really doesn’t matter if Ms. Davis likes it or not. The “Separation of church and state”, makes more and more sense. Mixing politics and religion, that is a recipe for disaster.

I found this you tube video and liked what the kids had to say about same-sex marriage. They show more heart and more brain than many adults.

It seems Pope Francis and the Vatican didn’t want to be used by Ms. Davis, because they released a statement today:

As it turns out, the Vatican said on Friday, the pope did not mean to endorse Ms. Davis’s views. It also said he gave her no more than a typical brief greeting, despite what her lawyer described.

Instead, the Vatican said that Francis gave only one “real audience” to one of his former students, Yayo Grassi, a gay man in Washington who says he brought his partner of 19 years to the Vatican’s embassy in Washington for a reunion. (Source New York Times)

You shall not lie Ms. Davis~!


7 thoughts on “You shall not lie Ms Davis~!

  1. As it turned out Pope Francis saw a LOT of people for a few seconds that day. And he had no clue who she was when she turned up. There is something very wrong with this whole Davis issue. Either she’s spearheading something unsavory or is very naive and is being used by people a lot smarter than her.

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