Maybe One Day~!

eat pray love 2

A friend gave me the book “Eat, Pray, Love” and I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I had listened to a few interviews about the book and didn’t really understand what all the fuzz was about.

I mean come on, who would go to Italy just to eat, or to India just to meditate, especially if you have been there before? The book is about a woman’s journey of finding herself and I really couldn’t identify with it.  I eat, but I don’t pray and I am married to the man I love. I guess the whole concept is a little bit lost on me.

I would eat in France, would visit Tibet and would be joined by the man I love. There you go, case closed. 🙂

„Happiness“, I suppose that’s different for everybody. I am happy with my everyday life, but there are some things I still would love to do.

We were dirt poor when we married, we both were still students. We didn’t have a big wedding or a reception. It was us, the happy couple, a handful friends and a bunch of flowers….oh and few bottles of cheap bubble water. A honeymoon was not in the cards and a longer weekend in bed in our apartment aka The Shoebox, hardly qualifies as one.

Eat pray love

„We do it later“that’s what we always said. 5 years went bye, then 10 years and we almost forgot about it. We took vacations, but never planned a real honeymoon.

When we went toward 20 years, that’s when we started to make plans and each and every time something else happened. There were funerals to go to and weddings to attend. Finally we made big plans for our 25th anniversary and then my Mother-in-law got sick and passed away. Once again all plans got canceled and we took care of more important things.

Then we made travel plans for our 30th anniversary and my best friend got very sick. We stayed and were with her when she passed away, just a few weeks after our anniversary.

It looks like the odds are against us. So with money not being an issue I would bribe a friend into dog-sitting and would make plans right away for our belated honeymoon.

We would spend a few days in Venice Italy, because that’s where we wanted to go, when we were daydreaming way back then and because, it’s a beautiful city for two older lovebirds. Then we would travel to Norway, because I would like to see the Northern Lights in real with my own eyes, not just on photos and our trip would end in Ireland, because Mr. Ladybug believes that’s where his family came from.

I have a pretty good feeling it will never happen, because let’s face it, finding a dog-sitter or house-sitter for three big dogs is almost impossible. But we knew that all along, so it’s not really a big deal. Yes, it would be  nice and who knows, maybe one day we will make it happen, but if not…then we will still be happy just where we are.


This is my own entry to last weeks “Knock, Knock, writing challenge”.


9 thoughts on “Maybe One Day~!

  1. Funny isn’t it that as we get older travelling (especially flying) becomes such a drag. I love to explore new places, but the thought of getting there puts me off and I find myself less and less bothered about going away. I am actually enjoying discovering the beauties of the country I live in now! Mindst you, if you do come up with the goods I’ll volunteer to come over and look after your doggies – they are not TOO big – are they? 😉

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  2. House/pet sitters are an issue, aren’t they… Even when we went to Baltimore a couple weeks ago we had to find one. Our son’s friend did it for us a second time. He and his dad have a business. It was pricey. $150, but it was money well spent for the peace of mind. Have you looked for a service like that in your area? Clare over at My Creative Cosmos (she was a moderator for the first Writing 101 class) and her husband are traveling around Australia for an extended length of time. She got on a website (can’t remember the name now but she’d give it to you) where folks who are traveling need accommodations for stays in areas they’re traveling through and will house sit, and folks who WANT to travel can hire those people to house sit. Involves references ad such. Clare has been VERY happy with how that has worked for them. The site also has a US site. If you’re interested in checking it out, her address is . You know how something ALWAYS comes up? That’s the reason I’m not getting my hopes up about Ireland…

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    • Yes, it’s a problem. I don’t want to have someone in our house that we don’t know, so websites and petsitter services are pretty much out of the question. BUT…seems I found a dog sitter, a friend of ours who would move in here for the time being….now I just have to hit the jackpot. 🙂


  3. What, you aren’t frothing at the mouth to be out and into the world. We’re very much homebodies. We have plans anyway — and I have a feeling we are going to regret them. All that shlepping through airports isn’t going to make us happy. Arghh!

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    • I traveled for almost 15 years, Europe, Asia, Africa the South and North America and I am not really crazy to travel again. Like you…I do not care about flying too much.

      Although the dogs were an issue, since we really don’t have family, so there is nobody to watch our monkeys.

      One day we will take our honeymoon…not sure when and how. Winning the lottery would help 🙂


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