Marilyn says what I feel. I feel some people like to be miserable and they just can’t help it, but ask for more.

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Serendipity is a personal and photography blog. For the most part.

I write about me and my life, stuff that’s happening, things I did back when. I take pictures, talk about nature, wildlife, trees. Especially trees.

It’s a reflection of not just what I feel, but what I think, what I enjoy, hope for, fear, and love. It is a bit of everything that touches me and the people around me. It isn’t entirely personal because many interesting or worrisome things aren’t about me, though they touch my life and presumably, yours.


Thus, I write about politics, news, movies, books, television. Ecology. I don’t always want to talk about me. Sometimes, I want to talk about you. Them. The world. Nature. And technology because we all use so much of it and it directly impacts our lives in myriad ways.

Sometimes — like right now — things happening around me are sad. Difficult. I’m not ready to talk…

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7 thoughts on “PERSONAL OR TMI?

  1. I think the flavor of a blog depends a lot on the type of writing the person is doing. Creative, therapeutic, or just looking to be social. People have many reasons for starting a blog. I should imagine if someone was dying from cancer their blog might be full of a lot of bad stuff. And yet getting it out is very good for them according to research. Best thing to do? If you find a blog that’s offensive or boring, don’t follow it. It’s kind of like parents whining about what their young kids see on TV, yet THEY have control of the remote. Just find blogs that fit your sense of spirit.

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    • I think many people start blogging while they have someething to say, or to share and then, when there is nothing interesting left to say, that’s when they start whining about life and about the past. A past that they can’t let go. It’s hard to unfollow people that you start to like, just because they became boring..if that makes any sense.


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