Is Anyone Listening?

My friend Joanne wrote a must-read post about refugees and forced me to re-blog 🙂

My Life Lived Full

I seem to be the type of person who attracts people needing an audience.  It’s not unusual for random people to unexpectedly start telling me their life story and the problems they’ve had along the way.  Sometimes it can become intensely personal.

Maybe it’s because I respond kindly to a greeting or offer my own.

Maybe it’s because I have a tendency to smile and make eye contact with strangers in public.

Maybe it’s simply because I will stop and politely listen while they empty their heart.

Whatever the reason, it seems to happen with some frequency and this week has been no exception.  A short walk along the lakeshore turned into a 90-minute conversation with a man named Musa. He wore a melancholy about him that was almost tangible and when I offered a polite greeting to him, I inadvertantly opened a flood gate.

Through his thick accent and broken english, I learned…

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