To everything there is a season~!


To everything there is a season, these words – originally from Ecclesiastes, made into a song by Pete Seeger, became in the 60’s a big hit for “The Byrds.” Now those words are beginning to resonate for me more than ever before.

I turned another page on the calendar of life. I am in autumn now and sometimes, I look up in surprise and wonder how quickly spring and summer have gone by.

Every season has something good to offer, we just have to open our minds and hearts and embrace the change.

I will enjoy autumn with all the good and all the bad, as I enjoyed all the other seasons before.

Everything has an appointed season, and there is a time for every matter under the heaven.
A time to give birth and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot that which is planted.
A time to kill and a time to heal; a time to break and a time to build.
A time to weep and a time to laugh; a time of wailing and a time of dancing.
A time to cast stones and a time to gather stones; a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.
A time to seek and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to cast away.
A time to rend and a time to sew; a time to be silent and a time to speak.
A time to love and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace.
What profit has the one who works in that which he toils?
I have seen the occupation that God gave to the sons of men with which to occupy themselves.
He has made everything beautiful in its time; also the [wisdom of] the world He put into their hearts, save that man should not find the deed which God did, from beginning to end.
I knew that there is nothing better for them but to rejoice and to do good during his lifetime.
And also, every man who eats and drinks and enjoys what is good in all his toil, it is a gift of God.
I knew that everything that God made, that will be forever; we cannot add to it, nor can we subtract from it; and God made it so that they fear Him.
That which was is already [done], and that which is [destined] to be, already was, and God seeks the pursued.
And moreover, I saw under the sun, [in] the place of justice, there is wickedness, and [in] the place of righteousness, there is wickedness.
I said to myself, “God will judge the righteous and the wicked, for there is a time for every matter and for every deed there.”
I said to myself, [that this is] because of the children of men, so that God should clarify for them, so that they may see that they are [like] beasts to themselves.
For there is a happening for the children of men, and there is a happening for the beasts-and they have one happening-like the death of this one is the death of that one, and all have one spirit, and the superiority of man over beast is nought, for all is vanity.
All go to one place; all came from the dust, and all return to the dust.
Who knows that the spirit of the children of men is that which ascends on high and the spirit of the beast is that which descends below to the earth?
And I saw that there is nothing better than that man rejoice in his deeds, for that is his portion, for who will bring him to see what will be after him?

Kohelet – Ecclesiastes – Chapter 3

This is my entry to Serendipity’s photo prompt.

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