The 99 cent Lipstick~!


My husband came home and he looked exhausted. “I just spend 30 minutes in the drugstore looking for a cheap lipstick and they gave me Hell,” he said and I laughed; we sat down and he told me the story.

My husband had walked into the drug store and asked the sales clerk to show him the cheapest lipsticks. “The cheaper, the better,” he said and they looked at him in disbelieve and you could tell what they were thinking. What man goes out and buys a lipstick for his wife? And why on Earth would he get the cheapest one?

The sales clerk went with him to isle 3 and she asked him, what color he thought would fit me best. My knight in shinning armor said, “She doesn’t care,” and the sales clerk looked like she was ready to faint.

“You must know what color she likes, or what looks good on her,” she said and my husband tried to explain to her, that it really didn’t matter. Another sales clerk came and they both tried to convince him of the importance of the right lipstick. The started to show him different kinds, in all the different shades they had to offer and my husband felt totally overwhelmed. All of them cost a fortune and he wasn’t willing to spend that much on lipstick.

“Don’t you have cheaper ones,” he asked and they looked at him in absolute disbelieve. “Don’t you want your wife to have the best?” they asked and he agreed, still, he was persistent and asked again for the cheapest lipstick. By then the had 3 sales clerks around him, each one of them more eager than the other; each one of them trying to convince him of the right color and the right brand.

He tried to explain, “The lipstick is for both of us,” he said and it didn’t help the situation at all. “You both use the lipstick?” they asked and my husband just nodded and his reputation went from nice and caring husband to cross dresser in under 3 seconds.

People this days judge quickly and they judge harsh. No questions, just prejudice.

My husband stood his ground for a while longer -he didn’t wanted to give up our secret- but then, when they looked at him so funny and almost in disgust, that’s when he felt he had to tell them what the lipstick was for.

“You see, we write each other little notes on the mirror and my wife threatened to kill me, if I ever use her favorite lipstick again,” he said and all of a sudden they all were very smitten with him. “Awwwww” and “Oh, how sweet” was followed by an instant search to find the cheapest lipstick they had.

Something, that they didn’t want to help him with first, became now the priority of the whole store. The sales clerks spread out in the search for the cheapest lipstick and finally, they found a stack of marked down 99 cent cosmetic and my husband left the store with his head held high.

I laughed hard when he told me this story, but it although made me realize how quickly we judge these days.

Life just writes the best stories~!



14 thoughts on “The 99 cent Lipstick~!

    • We wrote notes first, but then we often overlooked them. The mirror in the bathroom, that’s the one thing we both look at in the morning, so it’s a good place to leave little notes. We still do that after so many years and I like it, it’s a part of who we are as a couple.


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