Loved or not Loved?


“What makes you feel loved” that is this weeks writing challenge at Impromptu Promptlings and I thought about it last night.

My husband had his eyes on the TV and was more interested in the ball game then in me, what gave me enough time to think about the question. I was surprised by the amount of answers that came to my mind:

  • Holding hands when we walk.
  • The way he looks at me sometimes.
  • The notes on the mirror.
  • The kiss in the morning when he leaves.
  • The kiss in the evening when he comes home.
  • A bear hug.
  • His smile when he comes home.
  • The silly cards I get when I don’t expect one.
  • The call at lunch time.
  • That he goes grocery shopping because I don’t have time.
  • The kiss on my neck when I am cooking.
  • Laughing together about something that only we understand.
  • The call or text from my friend, who checks on me every night when she leaves work.
  • The cake or cookies that I find on my doorsteps.
  • The wagging tails of our dogs, even though some experts say dogs don’t feel emotions, ours do. 🙂
  • The hugs that I get from the children who are close to me.
  • When I feel that people care.

Ones again I realize that I am a very lucky woman.

Then, during a commercial break, I asked my husband the same questions and his answers floored me, it although touched my heart and it made me wonder, “Do we know what makes others feel loved?” but I guess that’s a question for a different prompt.



10 thoughts on “Loved or not Loved?

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      • Isn’t it funny how we think we know each other so well and then we get surprised? I have a little story to post about that. Think I’ll do it tomorrow since I’ve been really gabby today. And his lordship is on his way home minus one tooth. I’m pretty sure he’s going to need some TLC. 🙂

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