Sign up for “Stupid”


Finally, they are going to widen our horizon and offer now new online classes, especially for educated people, who still use the old common sense. All guess what? All ages are welcome!

The new class is “stupid”!!!

Enrollment for the new classes started on Friday and it looks like they are almost booked out, so if you would like to learn “stupid” then please hurry and sign up.

By learning “stupid” all the way, you will be able to have a more relaxed lifestyle. We promise you that you will see life in a totally new perspective, after only one semester of “stupid”.

  • You won’t care about politics anymore and you will not question election promises or candidates; as a matter of fact, stupid will make you not want to question anything.
  • You will see an instant improvement of your speech; you will have less to say, but you will talk much louder, because “stupid” has to be heard.
  • You will be able to cancel a massive amount of TV channels, because “stupid” doesn’t really coexist with the history channel or something as boring as the discovery channel. “Stupid” will save you some money and will pay so for itself. Fox I come!
  • The world will seem smaller after just one or two semesters of “stupid. Your main focus will shift to your country only; it will feel like the rest of the word won’t exist anymore. That might sound scary, but no worries, it won’t bother you for long…just remember what you learned and don’t waste your time with questioning things.

Discrimination, Hate and preconceptions will be taught and explained in the second semester of “stupid”, so make sure you make a reservation right away.

No worries, you will be successfully graduating from the first semester of “stupid”, because we don’t leave anybody stupid behind!



15 thoughts on “Sign up for “Stupid”

  1. I used to like the History Channel until they started showing things like Pawn Stars, ,i>Ax Men, and Ancient Aliens… The Discovery Channel has its own share of “interesting” shows that cater to the lowest common denominator… Naked and Afraid, I’m looking at you.

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