Happier with you, not Happy~!


Jacqueline from “A cooking pot and twisted tales” invited me to the 3 quotes series a while back. “Thank you Jacqueline” and I am very sorry for the delay, but I have been a busy little bugger.

We were invited to a wedding a few weeks back and we were standing there with the happy couple, when the young bride smiled at her husband and said “He makes me so happy.” 

I smiled at them, the way you do when you see a young couple, who is so much in love and I wished them all the happiness in the world.

May their love and marriage last for as long as they live, may their path always be covered with rose pedals and may there never be a day of tears. 

Sounds great doesn’t it? I wish them well, but the truth is that happiness only lasts, when it is within you. Nobody and nothing can make us happy, if we aren’t happy alone with nothing.

Happiness is one of the most misunderstood words in our vocabulary; we search for the “Happiness State” throughout our lives. “If I would meet the right partner, have a big house, a new car, the job I have always dreamed of….then I would be happy.”

I wish people would say “You make me happier” instead of, “You make me happy,” because it would indicate, that they can be on their own and would still feel happy. I wish people would feel “happier,” when they look at their children and grand children, when they look at their family and friends, because the truth is they can be gone in the blink of an eye.

“Be happy like a child for no reason,” I like that a lot, that’s the way we are suppose to be. Happiness is something that we are. Every time we see a laughing baby, or a young child we should be reminded, that we are all born with this natural sense of happiness, it is actually our birthright.

Abraham Lincoln said

People are just as happy, as they make up their minds to be

He was a wise man and he was right.

At times of hardship, such as loss or illness, it’s easy to lose humor and even easier to get sucked in by all the negative aspects of what is happening.

Let’s be happier with people and things and let’s be happy alone. That would be my wish.

The three bloggers I would like to ask  to the participate at the 3 quotes on 3 days challenge are:




happiness 3


13 thoughts on “Happier with you, not Happy~!

  1. Sometimes a post fills me with so many thoughts, words, memories, impressions that I can’t begin to figure out where to go with a comment. This is one of those posts.

    That last quote is one of my favourites. If we can’t find it in the inside, it’s not going to be sustainable on the outside.

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  2. Happiness is vastly overrated. This quote was announced by a good friend of mine whose wife left him many years ago. She kept saying ,” I am not happy, ” Iam not happy”. Perhaps, worrying about happiness could point to a flaw in one’s own make-up.
    I know that scores of books are written about the subject. It makes a lot of money. Happy is the person who welcomes each day with a good coffee. ( No instant coffee)

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    • Hmmm, I disagree a little bit. I don’t think that happiness is overrated, but often just misjudged. I remember when I was traveling to poorer countries. I was young and often felt sorry for them, just because they didn’t have what we have. No TV’s, no radio, they lived in tents or selfmade huts and they showed a joy and a happiness that was so above and beyond what I felt.

      Maybe it was purer…if that makes any sense.

      the story of your friend and his wife is typical. I wonder if she ever will be happy.


  3. Great post, Bridget dear! Lots of things to think about. I love being with myself. I don’t need someone to entertain me to make me happy. Does it undo that if you get lonely sometimes thought? o_O And I would love to take you up on your 3 Quote Challenge. I never get tired of quotes!


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