Take pride in what you do~!

pride in your work 4

The last day of my quote challenge is probable the easiest one, because it’s a quote I try to live by every day. 

I always had chores to do when I was child, even though I was mostly just home from school over the weekends and during school holidays. Farm work never stops and my Grandmother was merciless.

One of my worst chores ever was cleaning the bottles and glasses in the basement, so that they could be reused to can new preserves, marmalade’s and juices. Doing the dishes -any kind of dishes- was never my favorite thing to do and doing all of it down in the basement, didn’t make the job any more attractive.

I was down there for hours, cleaning piece after piece and the bottles were driving me crazy. I like the juices very much, but in  my eyes the cleaning act afterwards was not worth the trouble. They sell juices in the stores, so why even bother. 

I was mumbling and complaining and I hurried to get the job done as quickly as I could.

Finally everything was clean and told my Grandmother, she came downstairs and started to pack the glasses in crates. She stopped after just a few and looked at me, “Are you proud of your work?” she asked and I thought it was the most stupid question ever. Why in the world would I be proud of some glass jars and glass bottles. Sometimes she just didn’t make any sense.

I told her that I was’t proud of it, I just wanted it done and over and she just said, “Do it again and do a better job…take pride in what you do.”

I was not a happy camper at all. I didn’t understand, why she had to be so cruel to me and I was fighting off the tears in my eyes.

We had a long talk that day and she told me that I should take pride in everything that I do. I didn’t understand it first. She always told me to be a humbled human being and now she told me to show pride? It didn’t make any sense.

It took a while until I understood  how important it is to take pride in your work, regardless how small and insignificant the job might seem at first.

It means always to do the best you can and not to expect praise for it.

I miss that a little bit in today’s world. Quite often, when I go to restaurants or stores I can tell, that many of their employees just work there for the money. You see it in the way they treat their customers and coworkers, you can see it in their whole demeanor.

I try to do my best with everything I do and I take pride in my work, because I believe that’s the way it should be done.

pride in your work


9 thoughts on “Take pride in what you do~!

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  2. You and I were brought up with the same values. Whatever you are doing, do it to the best of your ability.

    At work we had an expression that we used often …. If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, you’re definitely not going to have the time to re-do it again later.


  3. Doing the dishes I really like. It is the vacuming that I loathe. Making beds is to be avoided at all times. Just close the door. I like writing and find it the most rewarding job of all. I try and balance the ‘not like’ and ‘do like’ as much as possible.


    • I don’t get that either Marilyn. We all have to work for the money, I get that, but if you hate what you do, then don’t stop until find something to do that you can love. I had some odd jobs in my life when I was younger and I would not have become a dish washer 🙂


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