Are my boobs public property?

private property

We have a little park that belongs to the small subdivision where we live and yesterday was the last “Music in the park” for this year. 

The weather was nice and I liked the band, so I bundled up, grabbed our puppy and walked a few blogs down to the park. It was early in the afternoon and the sun was shining. It was perfect, not too warm and not too cold, just the right weather for a small open air concert.

I saw a few of our neighbors that I like know and walked over to join them. A little boy and our not so little dog bonded instantly and it was cute too watch, they were playing and were all over the place. It was hard to tell who had more fun, the kid or our puppy. 

I found a bench and sat down and even took my jacket off after a while, because the sun felt so nice. The band was great and more and more people came to join our small festival.

Patches, our puppy was playing slower and slower and the boy got tired too. They were ready for a break, after an hour of running, jumping and rolling in the leaves. Patches came walking toward me, her tongue hanging out and she cuddled up at my legs. The little boy had rosy cheeks and tired eyes, he climbed up on the bench and sat down beside me. He wasn’t happy, because he still wanted to be close to the puppy, so I picked Patches up and put her on the other side of me (I know…dogs don’t belong on the bench, what can I say…they made me do it).

I continued talking to my neighbor and didn’t pay too much attention to the little ones beside me, until I saw somebody turning around and taking a picture of me with his cell phone

I didn’t know the guy and I was wondering what that was all about “Do I have a gigantic pimple on my nose” and then, when I looked down, I noticed that the little boy and the puppy both had their head on my lap and they were sound asleep…cheek to cheek.

It must have looked very cute, because I saw another couple turning around and they took a picture too. I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t like it. I mean I have never seen these people and now I might end up on one of their social media pages. It didn’t stop, more people noticed and laughed or smiled and a lot of them took pictures as well. 

My neighbor has a wicked sense of humor, “You know they all zoom in on you and cut your head off in the pictures, they aim for your boobs and the cuties in your lap.”

I laughed, but realized that she was right, people had to zoom in from where most of them were standing and I grinned, “Great, I had to be 52 years old until someone took a close up of my boobs,” I thought, but didn’t find it that funny. At least everything looks like it is still “up” to date, thanks to a good push up bra. 

I see people taking pictures everywhere these days, with their cell phones or with a digital camera and it makes me wonder, if we all just lost our privacy.

I mean shouldn’t it be common courtesy to ask a stranger if you can take a picture? 

Are we now to the point, were we all are public property as soon as we leave our own home. 

Everything is public these days; it doesn’t matter if you leave a nice Thank-you-note for your waiter, or if you step in a puddle and fall on your butt. All it takes is a person around you with a cell phone and you might end up on Yippiedooda news.

I am not a celebrity, who wants to be in the limelight at all cost; I am the opposite; I am a rather private person and would like to keep it that way. 

So if you see a picture on Facebook of a puppy and a little boy who took a nap on a woman’s lap, the headless woman is me, the boobs belongs to me and so does the dog.

November 8th 2015 020.JPG








25 thoughts on “Are my boobs public property?

  1. I’m sorry for that intrusion. I’m surprised it is even legal. In Europe it is illegal to take pictures of people without their permission – the photographer could go to prison for that. One must always ask permission, even (or may be in particular) when zooming in on headless boobs! Dogs can be photographed, boys can’t.
    But law aside, it’s so rude not to ask!


  2. I would never photograph someone w/o permission–maybe that’s a byproduct of having grown up in the Stone Age–ER, pre-digital age? 😉

    There’s a gorgeous and very calm, friendly Akita puppy in my neighborhood. Saw him for the first time during a walk and several times since. I’m on a first name basis with dog and owner and STILL feel funny asking the owner if he’d mind taking a pic of me and Samson with my phone. Go figure.

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  3. Oh so sorry for the intrusion. I bet it felt like that. You heard the sound of your nice enjoyable outing going down the drain by people’s thoughtlessness. But if I do see your now famous boobs and cuties in social media I will be sure to send you a copy 😬😁😳

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  4. We are living in a world where privacy is not what it use to be. If you are outside your home you are subject to having your picture taken. There are cell phones, cameras on traffic lights, on buildings, in buildings, just about anywhere you go. It’s convenient in many ways, however, you never know what will happen to your picture especially with programs like Photoshop where your picture can be altered and placed most anywhere.


  5. Earlier this year, I had a guy chew me out royally for being rude and obtrusive for taking his photo without his permission.
    The fact was – I hadn’t taken a photo of him at all. I had carefully composed a photo that didn’t include him and he had walked into the frame after the photo had already been taken.
    It didn’t seem to matter and the encounter really rattled me.

    Cameras are everywhere. We can’t escape them.
    As in all things, some people will be jerks. Others will be respectful.

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    • I was sitting there pressing my knees together, pretending to be a lady. I think the amount of pictures that were taken bothered me the most.

      I wish one would have asked if I wanted to see the pic or acknowledged me in any for or way…does that make sense.


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