The Games must go on~!

Olympic Stadium Munich 4

I was just a little girl, when I came home from school and heard that we had tickets for the Olympic Games in Munich. The year was 1972 and I was 9 years old. Germany was neighbor state, only a few hours away and all we were excited about the road trip.

I had seen pictures of the new Olympic stadium in the newspaper and I couldn’t wait to go there and see it myself. The sweeping canopy was transparent; a symbol of the new, optimistic Germany and the official statement was, that the Olympic Games in Munich would be “The cheerful Games”.

Olympic Stadium Munich

The Olympic Games started and we had a wonderful trip. I don’t really remember the sporting event we watched, but I remember the atmosphere and the stadium, how it made me feel. People around us were cheering and so were we, it was a beautiful summer.

Then, only a few days later, we were sitting in our living room back home and watched the horrible news about the terrorist attack.

In the early morning of September 5, a group of Palestinian terrorists storms the Olympic Village apartment of the Israeli athletes, killing two and taking nine others hostage. The terrorists were part of a group known as Black September, in return for the release of the hostages; they demanded that Israel release over 230 Arab prisoners being held in Israeli jails and two German terrorists. In an ensuing shootout at the Munich airport, the nine Israeli hostages were killed along with five terrorists and one West German policeman. Olympic competition was suspended for 24 hours to hold memorial services for the slain athletes.

In the aftermath of the murders at the ’72 Olympics, the Israeli government, headed by Golda Meir, hired a group of Mossad agents to track down and kill the Black September assassins.

The Olympic Games were stopped, everybody was shocked, the world was in mourning.

I didn’t know what terrorism was, but learned it that summer. To me -as a little girl- it meant that evil men kill innocent people and they do it cowardly. They fight the way I had been taught not to fight. They come from behind and step you in the back; they attack when nobody expects them and they kill unarmed people.

Olympic Stadium Munich6

The games were stopped; now the Olympic Stadium was filled with more than 80,000 officials, athletes and fans; they were all gathered to honor the 11 dead Israeli athletes, who were the victims of the terrible terrorist attack.

It looked like the games were over and then something happened, that nobody really expected. Avery Brundage, the President of the Olympic committee, got up and told the world, “The Games must go on,” they would continue out of respect to the murdered Israelis. The Olympic Games continued at 4:30 pm on Wednesday. The entire schedule was pushed back 24 hours and the closing ceremony was held on a Monday, instead of Sunday. We, the kids, got an extra week of summer vacation out of it.

Olympic Stadium Munich 5

The brutal terror attacks in Europe continued for years. People were murdered in the streets, people were taken hostage, hijacked, kidnapped and killed. It seemed for a long time that this was just a part of our everyday life and always would be.

Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Sweden and so many others had to deal with different terror groups. One particular case will be stuck in my mind forever; it happened a few years later, when I was 14 years old.

Hans Martin Schleyer, a business executive had been kidnapped on September 5, 1977. I had never heard of him until that day; I had never seen his face before and today -almost 40 years later- I still remember the pictures I saw that year.

60 Jahre Deutschland - Hanns Martin Schleyer

A German terror group was holding him hostage for 43 days and they published pictures of him in the newspapers. He was holding up different signs with different dates as proof of life, he looked broken, sad and defeated.

The terror group demanded the release of their imprisoned leaders and threatened to kill Mr. Schleyer, if Germany would not obey.

Germany didn’t give in to the demands of the terrorists. The imprisoned terrorists were all found dead in the cells on October 18th and Hans Martin Schleyer was killed the same day.

The pictures of a man that I didn’t know haunted me for years and I will never forget his face, but I although won’t forget the message that comes with it.

“Terrorist will NEVER win and there is no negotiating with them!”

ISIS didn’t invent terror! They are not special, they are just another group of evil fanatics and we should hunt them down, one by one, especially the ones that are hiding in our countries. We should interfere with their recruiting process and go after the people who finance these idiots.


I am with France, the war has already begun and we didn’t start it. My heart goes out to the refugees, who are caught in the middle. They ran away from ISIS and now it seems that ISIS made sure that they have no place to run to anymore.

This saddens me the most, we shouldn’t be so afraid, that we close the doors on people in need.

We should never show fear – The Games must go on~!


(Source Wikipedia,, Stars and Stripes)



16 thoughts on “The Games must go on~!

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  2. As a kid the Olympics were an unwelcome interruption to my favorite TV shows, so I had no idea about what happened at the 1972 Olympics. Funny how I do remember an ABC movie entitled Twenty-one Hours at Munich (not that I ever watched it); years later my brain connected those dots.

    What a world it’s become. As you say, perhaps it’s been this way all along and I’m finally old enough to notice. I pray for all involved. Thanks, Ladybug.

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  3. Yes I remember those games too.. We can not allow our lives to be put on hold… I do not know the answers.. but we only have to look back throughout our histories.. War has changed nothing.. And I agree with you.. those poor refugees, it is heartbreaking all round for all casualties of Terrorists acts..
    A great Post to bring awareness..
    Blessings Sue

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  4. I don’t know the answer but bombing Syria and Iraq is not the answer. I noticed that the latest attacks in Paris were done by born and bred locals of France and Belgium. There is more to terrorism than meets the eye and I suspect we need to find out the reasons why so many seem to be drawn to Isis.

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  5. Wow, flashbacks. I was 19 at the time of the Munich games and was watching on TV (black and white) when all hell broke lose. It was horrifying. Still, I looked at it like, I’m safe here in the US, we don’t have bad guys here. Fast forward to today. The US isn’t safe either. I think we need to keep having these discussions so we don’t get swallowed up in fear, immobilized into prime-picking prey, or get desensitized to it. Thanks for an excellent post.

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  6. How bad is it that this sort of thing has become routine? I know it’s not new. It came late to the U.S., but the rest of the world has lived with it for many many years. It’s troubling that we are “getting used to it.” Disturbing.

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  7. Excellent post, Bridget. The fact is the war has always been going on in one form or other. We need to learn how to fight it differently now that the terrorists aren’t using the internet so much.


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