Will we meet?


My husband is out of town and I spend some time on the phone last night, talking to a good friend of mine, who lives a few hours away.

We had a lot of catching up to do and we talked for a very long time. “Are you still blogging?” she asked and I told her about some of my posts that I have written lately.

It told her about all the interesting and nice people that I have met through blogging and Miss Down-to-Earth said, “Well, you haven’t really met them and you probably never will. Do you think they are your friends?”

online friends 3

Bummer! What a party-poop! I thought about it for a while; thought about many of the bloggers I got to know better. I opened up myself and share a lot of my life with all of you.

What if a blogger, one of the ones I communicate with, would come to town? Would I want to meet them in real? And how about the other way around? Would they want to meet me, if I would come to town?

Someone told me once, that an online friendship is as real as you want it to be? So how real do I want it? Rare – Medium – Over done?

online friends 4

I sat in my favorite chair after we had hung up, enjoyed a glass of wine and thought about it some more.

Are my blogging friends real and am I real to them? Or is it just an fictive world we created?

I know I would let Lisa know, if I come to New York City and I am absolutely certain that I would have a cup of coffee (or any other cup) with Joanne in Toronto. I although know that I will meet Marilyn in real, we already talked on the phone.

I honestly think, I would let most of you know, if I would be in your neck of the woods -I do wonder how many will click unfollow now after reading this? 🙂

What if it’s the other way around? How would I react, if you (yes you) would come to Ohio close to my home?

I can honestly say I would be thrilled to meet many of you. I would want to know if you are in “my” town and we would meet for coffee, lunch or dinner.

So I guess it is true, online friendships and blogging friendships are as real as we want them to be.

What do you think?

online friends 2


18 thoughts on “Will we meet?

  1. You better let me know if you come into town! 🙂 I believe we develop real relationships with those we blog with- so much is learned about one another through blogging without judgement. I think about the people I have connected with when I am not blogging and am concerned when they are going through a difficult time. It is a unique relationship

  2. ABSOLUTELY!!! Blogging friends are real.

    I would be thrilled to play host to you in my city … a coffee, a meal, a day of exploring ….. no matter how short the time together, meeting a blogging friend is the best! ❤

    … and of course, if I'm ever in your territory, I will make every effort to connect with you!

  3. I agree. Online relationships are as real as you want them to be. I can already think of a handful of fellow bloggers that I would absolutely give my left arm to meet some day, and one of them I would meet in an instant if I could. To discount these relationships just because you’re not in the same room is, I feel, verging on disrespectful to the ones that take the time to know you. Great post, Ladybug! 😀

  4. I’ve thought about this also and wondered how it would be to meet a lot of the ones I communicate with in comment section. I think it would be great. I have a niece with a blog that has met with a group of her blogging friends. A great way to put the personality with the face. It would be interesting and fun.

  5. I think we know which ones we’re drawn to and would like to meet. I’ve met a dozen or more of my online friends. I love everyone of them. And I would love to meet you! You may not think so, but I take everything you say to heart. Hugs, Bridget.

  6. I have pondered the same question and became a little tripped out at the idea of actually meeting some of these people. But as time goes on, and the comfort level rises, I think it would turn out to be interesting. The truth is, there are a few people I follow faithfully and when they are having a bad day, I want to help them. And when they are having a good day, I am happy for them. Is that not part of being a friend?

    • I was talking about the ones who communicate back and forth with me in the comment section on my blog or on theirs. You are right, the comfort level rises over time :-).

      Yes, being there is part of friendship. But so is meeting 🙂

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