Do we deserve Trump and what do kids want?




We should not blame Trump for the sad state of our politics. For an American political system with so many structural flaws and no strategy to fix it in sight, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump brings exactly the kind of politics we Americans deserve.

Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy was famously based on the adage “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Today, establishment politicians’ strategy for elections is instead to “speak softly and carry a big wallet.”

Donald Trump is no establishment politician. Nor is he the run-of-the-mill anti-establishment figure. He has after all identified with both major parties in his career and donated millions to politicians of both party affiliations.

What sets Trump apart is that he has managed to free himself from the financial constraints imposed by the country’s broken political process. With a supposed net worth of $10 billion, Trump does not need wealthy donors and fundraisers to support his campaign. As a result, the financial muzzle forced over the mouths of just about every other candidate is not a factor for Trump—he can and will say anything.

And if some Americans think “The Donald” is too out of line, others certainly think establishment politicians such as Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are too in line.

It is the allure of authenticity that allows Donald Trump to lead the polls. His bold and brash remarks may be out of the ordinary, but for many voters they serve as a refreshing rush of energy into an otherwise stale political environment. Voters would rather channel their energy into a campaign run by a bombastic billionaire than fall asleep to the politically measured and calculated remarks made by establishment politicians who speak through a filter dictated by finances.

Perhaps Trump is precisely the kind of shock to the system America needs. Trump may not be leading a violent insurrection—and we should certainly be thankful for that—but his wars of words demonstrate to Americans just how degenerate politics has become. By shaking up our democracy via the 2016 election he has provided us with a wake up call we desperately needed.

One of the best articles I have read in a long time, written by  Arjun Kapur for the “Harvard Political Review”…the article is so worth reading and can be found >>>here<<<.

I am still politically active, meaning I still show interest and care about what’s going on, but I feel worn out and tired. Listening to the Presidential debate on the GOP side had me stocking up my wine fridge, because there is just no way I can survive another debate without a) either drinking or b) being heavily medicated, to make sure I can’t bang my head against the wall or c) crying.


Looking at the other side doesn’t give me much hope either. I feel like visiting a re-gifting party and feel the sensation of deja vu over and over. It’s like traveling back with a time machine. They are friendlier and I don’t need so much alcohol, just a steady pillow in my neck that keeps me from shaking my head for too long.


I am fascinated by the subjects the candidates have chosen so far in an attempt to get my attention and eventually my vote (yeah right).

“Immigration”, “Abortion”, “Taxes”, “War on terror”and last but not least the cry for a wall, to support our borders. Lots of hate is shown toward anything and everything. We the voters are suppose to be angry, too angry to sit down calmly and think.

We are supposed to make politics having our future in mind, the future of the generations behind us, but we don’t.


A contest called “Kids speak out” showed what children would expect from a President. It shows their main priorities and I like it, I like a lot.

We all can learn from them and I wish we would take the children’s wishes and dreams in consideration, because they will inherit the mess we are leaving behind pretty soon.

Close to 1,800 kids entered the contest by writing down the three things they would try to do first to make America and the world a better place if they would become President. The kids were between 6 and 14 years old and from 48 U.S. States as well as several foreign countries.

These are the results:

  1. Achieve world peace
  2. End hunger & poverty
  3. Help the homeless
  4. Improve education
  5. Protect the environment
  6. Lower taxes
  7. End prejudice & discrimination
  8. Get rid of illegal drugs and guns
  9. Stop littering
  10. End terrorism

I really think we should listen. They didn’t ask for war, deportation, walls and borders. They actually listed the things that are dear to me as well.

Time to  cut the crap if you ask me, but nobody does. 😦



11 thoughts on “Do we deserve Trump and what do kids want?

  1. Canada just went through a very divisive and nasty election campaign. I feared that Canada would never have a sane government again – that we had finally slid down the rabbit hole and politics in Canada would forever be nasty, secretive, and divisive.

    Sanity prevailed and I have hope and high expectations for Trudeau to deliver on the kinder Canada we all remember and want again.
    There are still dissenting voices that believe the rhetoric spewed by the Conservatives. There will always be those who cannot see possibilities in a win-win version.

    I cannot begin to imagine how you survive such a LOOOOONG process. Our 78 day campaign was the longest in 140 years and everyone had serious election fatigue. It’s so unproductive!!

    I watch the US campaign with fear. There is just so much hate, distrust, paranoia, and isolationism going on. I’m hoping for a miracle.

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    • I followed the election in Canada and I am very impressed with Trudeau and the people he chose around him. He will deliver and I have no doubt.

      We have another 11 months to go and watching it is painful. I have never witnessed more hate in this country than today. Trump runs on hate, racism and war propaganda and the poll numbers are scary.

      Do we really have that many uneducated, gun happy people in this country?


      • I’m convinced that the vast majority of people are generally uninformed. They don’t know the facts and form their opinions based on sound-bites and innuendo.
        That’s why the Trumps of the world can stir people up and get emotions running high … rarely in the right direction.

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  2. Trump and Carson and the entire merry band of political idiots are symptoms of a problem, not the disease. WE, the American people, are the disease. We have allowed and encouraged the turning of our national elections into giant circuses. And of course, you can’t have a circus without clowns, right?


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