Dear sober customer…

call center giffy

Today is not my day. I am tired as a dog, my mood is a little bit on the low side and my temper and sarcasm shouldn’t be tested.

Unfortunately, someone didn’t get my memo.

I am a cheap ass customer, who pays her monthly, unlimited, prepaid phone plan for her dumb, smart phone online -through our grocery stores website- because by doing so I get fuel points and I like to fill up my gas tank for and apple and an egg.

So I paid my monthly $60 plus tax, got my receipt, printed it and I thought I was done. Normally it takes about 2 minutes, until my service provider sends me a text, and verifies my purchase and congratulates me for using their service.

Today my phone was quiet, no text and the phone didn’t show my purchase on the balance either. CRAPPPPP!

I waited until 7 pm in the evening and then I decided to call the customer service department of the grocery store. (What was I thinking?)

call center 4

A Lady answered the phone and I explained to her why I was calling. I did use the words “online purchase”, “confirmation number” and “receipt” in my explanation, but somehow that all flew over her head. It did not just fly over her head; it circled over her head for a while, but didn’t land.

“So, you have a receipt?” she asked me. I started to talk a little bit slower and took real heavy breath in between my sentences.

“Yes, Ma’am I have a phone refill receipt, as I explained earlier, that’s why I have a confirmation number.” (Dahhhh).

“Can you give me the bar-code?” she asked and I started to breath heavier, while rolling my eyes.

“Ma’am, it was an online purchase, I didn’t buy a phone card in the store. I sat naked in front of my computer and paid for my phone online, like every months.” (OK, I didn’t say naked…but now in retrospect I should have).

call center 2

“So you don’t have a refill card?” she asked me and now I added head shaking to my eye rolling and deep breathing.

“No Ma’am, it was an   O N L I N E    P U R C H A S E   (I know I have an accent…but today it seems like I talk Chinese -fluently).

“We only sell phone cards in the store she said, I can’t help you if you don’t give me the bar code,” and I started to count silently backwards from 20 to 0 before I answered.

“I pay for both of our phones online through your webpage since 2 years,” I said and there was silence on the other end, “I have a confirmation number and a receipt, there is NO bar code.” (I think I need a drink).

“Thank you for being a valued customer,” she said and I almost lost it and had a hard time holding back laughter.

call center 3

Then she had the brilliant idea and asked me to call my phone provider. “Maybe they can help you?” she said and I couldn’t help it, but had to ask her what she thought they would do?

“You want me to call my phone provider and ask them to look into their crystal ball, so that they can help you to locate the money I paid to you?” She didn’t seem to find that very funny (I thought it was brilliant).

call center 5

Finally the lady took down my information (I hope) and I am expecting a call from a different department on Monday so that they can share some light on the situation. Though, I am not holding my breath…my gut tells me I might have to call again and this time I will be prepared. 

This whole valued-customer-thing is just wrong on so many levels. Why don’t they just tell us the truth? I mean its 7 pm in the evening and I am an adult…I can take it.

I am not a valued customer, I am a sober customer…what doesn’t really work in my favor.

Wouldn’t it be much more honest and helpful if the automated system would start with:

Please press #1 if you are over 21 and you have alcohol in your house and press #2 if you prefer to continue this conversation sober.


It’s Friday evening, so I would definitely press #1 and the waiting period would give me enough time to have a drink or two (depending on the severity of the call). 

It would be easier on the call centers too, because most of us would be more relaxed and we wouldn’t give a damn anymore.

Maybe that’s what I should do. I will just get me a big glass of wine and call again?


call center



30 thoughts on “Dear sober customer…

  1. Customer service roulette is the worst!!! My husband and I find ourselves playing it at least a few times a year with various bill companies for some lost payment or invoice somewhere.

    Using your phone to get free gas, I have a pay as you go monthly plan anyway, why am I not doing it that way?! Genius!

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  2. Ahhhhh, yes, the beloved customer service personnel. I often have good relations, but when I don’t, they sound like this scuttlebrained one. Still, one must always be nice to these people: they have access to your account…’nuff said.

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  3. Oh I do hope you got it sorted! I am another post-menopausal, no more patience person who loathes contacting anyone by phone! I had to contact a store to find out about having an item replaced. The young man I spoke to didn’t have a clue, but eventually put me through to someone else. It turned out to be a chap on the shop floor in a store. I bought the item online. “Erm”, he said, after an interesting conversation with him “you need to contact customer services”. “Yes”, said I, “I thought I had done”. I believe we both shook our heads at that point. In the end I just returned the item for a refund and then put in another order! Fools!

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  4. Once I had a prepaid fail to go through with Telstra (Australia), and I did ring them and was transferred to our call centre based in India. They gave me my credit manually, but several days later the original one popped into my account, too. Did I tell them? Of course not – makes up for all that money they rip off me when I miss recharging by a day and my balance doesn’t roll over.

    I hope it gets sorted for you.

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  5. I have discovered I have NO patience left whatsoever!! when dealing with customer service. Especially when I am on the 6th go around trying to talk to someone. I had to apologize to a debt collection guy because I was being exceptionally rude, but the bill being late in collection wasn’t even my fault. It was the VA’s and the Hospital’s for initially billing it wrong and then the VA for being jerks about paying it because of their mistake. Now my credit is screwed up, I have a migraine about it and I HAVE To pay it. Damn!!!

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  6. Oh I so so sympathise… I have been in similar situations in phone conversations .. What is worse is getting passed around automated links… Now I just press if one available to Speak to someone.. Preferably some one who understands English. 🙂

    Loved the little pictures in between… You made me laugh between the steam coming out of your ears LOL xxx

    Big Hugs.. and I hope you enjoy a good weekend xxx Love Sue ❤

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  7. In Australia the prepaid comes with a number that I then type into my phone (followed by the hash-key) which then give me a voice confirmation that the transaction had been successful. I get lots of calls from overseas call centres trying to flog solar panels or cheaper internet/phone services. They all seem to have Indian accents and I feel so sorry because they are all trying to make a cracker and have hungry children waiting at home and yet, i now put the phone down as soon as I hear the acccent. I tried to bar unwanted calls but they get around it and I feel horriblwe so many struggling to make a quid and able to buy food. I am pretty deaf in both ears and can’t make out what they are actually sayng but words like ‘cheap’ and ‘solar’, ‘ internet’ I usually understand. It is a cruel world out there.

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    • Every major phone provider here (T mobile, sprint, verizon etc) offers now prepaid unlimited plans. I am with Verizon since years, just switched to a prepaid plan because it saved me 40 bucks a month. I still kept my iphone and the same number.

      Competition is a good thing sometimes.


  8. I actually trained to be a customer service rep for Sprint but couldn’t get through the training because of the mind numbing idiots I was in class with… it was a work from home position and all of the training was done via the internet. Every single day I was bored to tears and wanted to shout my “classmates” what morons they were being. I literally had to mute my mic so many times to keep from being sarcastic towards them. Holy hell. It was after the second week of this I realized that I probably wasn’t cut out for customer service. ^_^

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  9. I eagerly await the next episode. I have been through SO many of these customer disservice experiences. I now try to stay calm because Garry was convinced I was going to have a stroke and die the last time I had to talk to AT&T. So good luck. May the force be with you!

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    • This is so frustrating on so many levels. I fell that some of the conversations we are forced to have are a serious insult on our intelligence.

      I am curious to see if they will call me on Monday.

      I am so grateful for my sarcasm, because that prevents me from having a stroke. I have this particular voice that I use when I talk to little children and I use the same tone when I talked with the lady tonight. 🙂


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