Do you trust him too?


All it takes is one person to make a difference. This video is going viral and I would love to share it with everybody, who is following my blog.

I admire this young mans courage. Standing there blindfolded, in the middle of strangers, asking for a hug as a Muslim in France took some guts. I admire his courage to speak up the way he did.

This video speaks for itself and I hope that millions more will watch it.


17 thoughts on “Do you trust him too?

  1. It’s a shame that people are typecast. It’s not just the Muslims. When there are bad people doing bad things they are looked at as a representation of others ….such as motortor cycle clubs, especially if their bodies are full of tattoos…they may be as kind and trustworthy as you are but looking like the bad clubs just makes people think that they are all like that. Not only are you judged by the company you keep but can also be judged by the type of person you are or how you dress.

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