Buy one gun right now and get the other one for free! Hurry it’s a limited offer.

mass shootings 2

I was a little bit under the weather this week and had to take it easy. I worked only a few hours in the morning and spent the rest of the day cuddled up under a blanket in the living room. I had enough time to catch up with all my favorite shows and I watched the news. One lady mentioned the latest mass shooting in California and I sighed, “Another one,” I thought and I didn’t really feel like watching. 

I am still shocked each and every time when I hear about another shooting, that hurt and killed innocent people, but I although start to feel a numbness and I don’t like that at all.

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families each and every time it happens, but now I feel that my heart can’t take it anymore.

mass shootings 3

Mass Shootings since Sandy Hook

I am afraid that this will be our new normal and I wonder about the world we all are living in. I am almost relieved that I am older now and I am glad my world was different when I was younger. I feel sorry for the younger generation, who will have to take care of our mess one day.

I couldn’t listen to the news anymore, so I went to the computer and started reading newspapers and online magazines in Europe. Isn’t it wonderful, I can sit there in my pajama sniffing and sneezing and fly in cyberspace from one country to the next?I enjoyed it until I stopped at a German news magazine called Der Spiegel, (The mirror). Der Spiegel is one of Europe’s  most influential news magazines and I always like to read their articles, because they are known for their investigative journalism.

There on page one was an article that I didn’t expect. An article about the mass shootings in the U.S. and the cartoons and pictures they showed made me speechless.

mass shootings

“Consensus reached,” and the answer “Yeah, right,” I looked at it for a long time. It is so true isn’t it? We offer prayers and thoughts each and every time but nothing else happens. Life goes on until the next crazy person with a gun decided to be the news for one day.

This is how the world looks as us now and I can understand what they are thinking, because I feel the same way. I want it all to stop and I  know I am the not only one, but nobody cares what we all feel. It is all about rights, that should be privileges to begin with.

I continued reading and I felt uneasy when I read about our new Gun TV channel. I must have worked too much lately, because somehow I miss that. They were kidding right? I mean there is no way that we will have TV shopping channel for guns.

I was wrong, we will have GUN TV in January 2016. A special channel, so that people can order and buy guns in the comfort of their own home in the time between 10 pm and 4 am in the morning.

I wonder how it makes parents feel, who lost their child in a school shooting. How will it make families feel, who lost a loved one in a public mass shooting.

Can we be anymore insensitive? Can the timing be any worse?

We have one mass shooting after the next and our answer is to launch a new GUN TV channel.

TV home shopping is synonymous with flashy jewelry, home décor and bargain accessories you never knew you needed. But Gun TV’s specialty will be exactly that: guns. It will also sell ammunition, accessories such as concealed-carry holsters and clothing, such as hunting jackets.

The principal difference between Gun TV and other home shopping channels is that a Gun TV viewer’s order will not be shipped directly to their home. A gun wholesaler will dispatch the item to the customer’s nearest federally licensed gun retailer, where mandated background checks and paperwork will be completed.

Of course they say it won’t put more guns into peoples hands, but I don’t believe that. In the middle of the night, that’s when they target impulse shoppers.

What is next? A Funeral channel, so that we can order and buy a funeral or memorial service right in the comfort of our own home?

Maybe we should offer both on one channel. “Order your next gun right now and we give you another one for free and please don’t miss our next special, the ultimate urn in our following funeral shopping session.” This way we are prepared either way.

I am so disgusted, I can’t even put it in words what I am really thinking.






7 thoughts on “Buy one gun right now and get the other one for free! Hurry it’s a limited offer.

  1. The good news is that the NYT has come out for the first time in sixty years, with a front page editorial condemning the present obsessian by the gun lobby on maintainhg their stance on guns.
    I hope the turn around on gun laws will be made.
    Make anchovies replace guns. The US would be a better world.

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    • Yes, I read it today, although the comments. I hope things will change, they have to. We live in a small neighborhood, around 2,000 people and our local sheriff just offered a class called “how to react at a mass shooting” in our community center.
      It’s so sad in so many ways.


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