The Grinch didn’t steal Christmas, he is innocent


I am not sure what exactly happened this year, but I have no Christmas spirit. We are not religious, but like so many, we do celebrate Christmas as a cultural event in our house. By now I should have all the decorations out, the tree should be up, but all of it is still in the attic.


We were eating dinner yesterday and I was wondering how my husband feels about it. “Honey, what are we going to do about Christmas this year?” I asked and his answer surprised me.

“When did Christmas become a Holiday Season?” he asked and I nodded. I knew what he meant and I knew how he felt, because I feel the same way.

We were watching TV on Thanksgiving and they showed Christmas movies already then, back in October. Some TV channels play them during the months of November and December and continue to do so until New Years. It’s like they are shoveling Christmas down my throat and it doesn’t feel good. 

The stores filled the shelves with Christmas items the day after Halloween and some of the stores started to play Christmas music around the same time. 


A few of our neighbors put Christmas trees up before Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s just my husband and me who feel overwhelmed by a Holiday Season, that has nothing to do with the Christmas we once loved. 

Who decided that Christmas would be a 6 week celebration and why didn’t I get the memo?

In our house it wasn’t the Grinch who stole Christmas, it was taken from us by the commerce. Everything is happening to soon and too fast. I miss the excitement, the anticipation that we felt when we were younger. 


The last three months of the year are the busiest for me. I have to work hard until the 24th of December; the last items will be picked up at noon that day and then I can close up and finally have time to breath. Until then I continue to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

“They asked for Volunteers at work,” he said and I was wondering what he was talking about when he continued,” They asked for 4 Volunteers to go out of town from the 18th to the 28th of December for a big project.”

“Do you want to celebrate Christmas this year?” I asked him and we looked at each other. I didn’t know right away what I was feeling. I miss the quiet Christmases, the once we grew up with. When has it all become such a big spectacle?


“How about we postpone Christmas?” I said and my better half gave me the look. “We could celebrate at the 28th,” there I said it and I actually felt good about it.

“People would think we are crazy,” he said in between a few bites. “They think we are crazy anyway and we both laughed.

We talked about something else, but the idea didn’t leave me alone.

It would be the perfect solution. Every year I am so tired and so overworked at the 24th, that I really don’t enjoy Christmas evening that much. The only thing I wish for on Christmas is sleep.

The 25th is just a big gift opening event and we don’t really do that anymore, since all our Godchildren are adults now.

christmas 9

“Do you want to go to North Carolina and work during Christmas?” I asked him and he smiled. “I am not sure. It’s triple pay and the project is interesting.”

“You had me with triple pay” I thought and I almost felt relieved.

Even religious people know that the 24th is just a made up date for the birth of Jesus, so it they (whoever THEY are) can set a date, why can’t we?

We talked about it some more and we decided to do it. We are postponing Christmas and will celebrate it at the 28th. That day I will stay well rested with red cheeks in our kitchen and I will prepare a big Christmas feast for the 4 guys who have been out of town.

I can go shopping on the 26th, when everything will be marked down…how much fun is that?


I think I got my spunk back…now I just have to find the Christmas spirit –it must be somewhere around here- and we all will have a ball.




18 thoughts on “The Grinch didn’t steal Christmas, he is innocent

  1. I always say there are Twelve Days of Christmas for a reason. Why not celebrate on the 5th? 😉

    I’m happy to report my fall decor made it back into its storage boxes as of last night. My kids are 19 and 17. Older Son works 5 full-plus days and goes to school on Saturday. Younger Son got the DL but took a bad hit to the knee during his last football game and will need surgery to reconstruct it. As the driving force the last few years to get the house outfitted for Christmas, I’m not sure he would have put the fire under me either way this year. And getting thru the hubby’s disorganized garage to find the decor…? Well, you know. Maybe with fall put away, I’ll get in the groove. We’ve also simplified the shopping piece, so I’m sure that will help.

    Be well and enjoy!

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  2. I SO agree with you about materialism turning Christmas into a “season.” And that is exactly why we use an Advent Wreath at home. Anyone could find some kind of “quiet”, inspirational book and read bits of it during December the same way as those who are folks of faith read scriptures. They could light their own candles and pause to reflect each night on what giving and receiving is all about. That ten or fifteen minutes that we sit together by the tree as a family and talk each night during December makes such a huge, centering difference to us. Maybe for next year you could keep your eye out for a book that would help add to your holiday spirit and make up your own Advent practice? A poetry book would be particularly nice. Or something by the Dali Lama or Mother Teresa?


    • I am not sure if you are aware of the fact that people in Austria, Germany and other countries in Europe celebrate Advent..just different from the way you do it.

      Advent is a religious celebration “Adventus Domini” (meaning arrival). It’s a Christian tradition, I grew up with it as a child and grew out of it. I am agnostic. I think the Advent would be lost on me, but I would like a piece of the traditional Stollen that is served on Advent.


  3. I have always thought Christmas was a time to quickly get over it. I am suspicious of Santa and his bloody reindeer, especially when it means spending money at big shopping malls. If I hear one more ‘silent-night-holy night’ I’ll throw a brick at him.

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    • You have a point. Maybe it’s a combination of all it. All the hate here in the U.S., the mass shootings, the refugee crisis and so much more.

      I watch my neighbor running around since 2 weeks trying to get everything that her adult children want. It’s pathetic, just pathetic.


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