A different Christmas Morning

christmas morning 5

Of course I woke up early on Christmas Day; I always do when I promise myself to sleep in. When my feet touch the ground, that’s the signal for our four-legged family members to get up as well. We all had to use the bathroom (not together) and I decided to go for a short morning walk.

We have a small, hidden park nearby. It’s nestled in between our houses and can hardly be seen from the main road. It’s small; it  has only a few benches and a gazebo for neighborhood get together’s.

I sat down on a bench and let the dogs run and play. The park was all mine; nobody else was there, just me and the dogs. Of course…it was  Christmas morning, that’s when families are either sleeping or busy. I was up way too early!

I sat down at my bench and let the dogs run and play. I love watching them. It’s my favorite bench. I can see the backyards of the houses. This morning I could see into the living rooms of the neighbors I know.

Christmas trees were lit up already or had been standing there in all their glory all night long. I could smell food…lots of it. People were already in the kitchen and had started cooking and baking for the big Christmas feast that most of us have on Christmas Day. I could smell turkey and baked goods and it made me hungry. “I should have eaten something at home,” I thought.

Christmas Day, the day when all the presents will be opened and all the stockings will be emptied. My workshop was this year -as always- the delivery station used by many of my neighbors for their package pickup and drop of. “You know they steal packages this time of the year,” many said and they all pinned notes on their doors and pointed the mailman and the delivery drivers in my direction.

Many packages arrived this year, online shopping must have broken another record. My workshop looked every day like Santa’s workroom, there were packages left and right. Big and bulky, small and light…many had labels from very well known companies on the side.

“I hope I got everything my Grandchildren and my Children wanted,” one of my neighbors said, when she came back from another shopping marathon at the mall. “I can’t find the blender my daughter wants,” she said and looked so sad – I felt sorry for her.

I remember a scene from one of my favorite movies “Radio”, when Cuba Gooding jr., who plays Radio, goes around with a shopping card on Christmas morning and gives most of the present he received the night before away and leaves them at the doorstep of his neighbors and people in  need.

Shouldn’t our present be present enough? Shouldn’t we all just slow down a bit and take it easy.

It’s the season of giving, but I think we are overdoing it. Money is tight in many families, but still the credit cards are being charged, like money would grow on a secret tree in their yard.

You now what I miss…what I truly miss. The homemade presents, like a hand knitted scarf or sweater. The funny socks and pot warmers we made when we were children.

The handmade ornaments, which sometimes were a little bit cricket and not perfect…but they were made with love.

I remember times when we had homemade candy on the trees and I remember how much I loved them.

I made homemade jams and marmalade’s for many years; I started making them in January and canned a different kind every month. Whatever was in season was used and then on Christmas I gave baskets away to neighbors and friends with all the goodies.

I didn’t do it this year…have been too busy. Maybe I need to slow down as well and make the change.

If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change.

Part of the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s Man in the mirror. Well, I assume there can be a woman in the mirror as well. It’s time to change back and bring some of the old values back that I grew up with. Just sitting there reminiscing and complaining is just not good enough anymore.

I love some of the old traditions and I miss them so much and all of a sudden it hit me. Some of the old traditions didn’t die with my Grandmother, they died because I let them die. I stopped them and now I sit here an whine about it.

I haven’t seen carol singers in years, we shouldn’t let traditions like this die.

I called the dogs and walked back to our house with a smile. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband about it.

Maybe we can bring some of the values back in our house and in my workshop?

christmas morning 4

17 thoughts on “A different Christmas Morning

  1. My son did a blog the other day about the things we used to do with our kids and the neighborhood kids. It’s almost as if the things we’ve let go are the things that knit the communities in particular together. No wonder we don’t know our neighbors anymore. Everyone is so suspicious of everyone else. If they don’t look and act like us there must be something wrong with them, right? Yet we constantly tell each other we CAN have peace in this world. How’s that suppose to happen when we behave that way?

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    • We had a pj day yesterday. Got up, took a shower and stayed in our pj’s all day long. We talked about Christmas and I will go carol singing with the neighborhood kids next year. St. Jude’s hospital is very dear to me and maybe we can collect money and donate it afterwards.

      Although, Gosh I have a workshop. I still know how to make wax ornaments and straw stars.

      I will keep you posted 🙂


  2. I think the sixty’s generation in its rush to change the world pushed aside too many of the old traditions and now feels and little unmoored. I know, at least, that is how I feel. So, I had my ah ha moment six years ago when my grandson was born and decided to give him the gift of Tradition. We pick strawberries for jam (and strawberry cello), go the farm for tomatoes for canning (and also bloody mary mix) and make traditions out of Sunday dinners, etc. I think now think like the fiddler “Tradition”.

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    • Most retirees don’t have time anymore, because they don’t have an organized day or week anymore. I think that’s the reason I will never fully retire. I would miss “doing” something. Oh my Gosh…I will be Walmart greeter one day LOL 🙂


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