Let’s take fall together


Oh, that felt good. We finally had a few days off and we recharged our old engines. So much stress and hectic before the Holidays and then finally everything calmed down.

We are married since over 30 years, but we still need these days together. Just being US.

Our electronic devices had a vacation as well; tablets, notebooks and laptops stayed offline most of the time. I didn’t post and he didn’t play his favorite games.

Being US felt good~!

We’ll Take Fall Together

Shall we take Fall together,
go sifting through the fallen leaves
and gaze upon the golden hues,
while waiting for the freeze?
We walk a little slower now,
our warm days have all but gone,
we will have to bundle up,
now that Fall has come.

Shall we take Fall together
and talk of Summers past?
Our cold season seems to have begun,
unsaid we know it can’t last.

When we go back I’ll make a fire
against this evening chill.
I’ll watch the light dance on your skin
recalling the passions of back when…
and marvel at how you stir me still.

By Gary Davis


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