Don’t be silent..get up and speak up!

Rose Hamid

Donald Trump and his fan club don’t even allow a silent protest. A Muslim woman, Rose Hamid, and others stood there in silence with a yellow Rub el Hizb pinned at their chest and they were escorted out by security officers and campaign representatives.

First of all -and this will hopefully be read by CNN and their reporters- the yellow David star used during WWII to outcast Jews has  6 corners and is actually a star, while the Rub el Hizb is a Muslim sign, made out of two overlapping squares. (Research is not that complicated guys, it took me 30 seconds…get it right).

She got up and just stood there in silence, wearing a shirt saying “Salam I come in peace.”

But peace, that’s not what Trump or his followers stand for. They stand for hate and controversy; they stand for everything I condemn.

trump cartoon 2

Trump, who was suppose to be just election entertainment, has gained momentum and I blame the news  for it, especially CNN. Not a day goes by when this guy is mentioned over and over. CNN was once a good and reliable news station that I loved, not much is left today. I see sensationalism instead of journalism. News channels should inform us about the news -preferably world wide-not entertain us.

Many of us still believe that Trump will just go away -and I want to believe so too- but chances are getting slimmer by the day. Many blogger decided not to get involved, but I think it’s time for all of us to get up and say and write what we feel.

Being silent has caused enough harm in the past, this should NEVER be repeated.

trump cartoon 3

Wearing a yellow Rub el Hizb with the word “Muslim” should make us ALL remember a time, when people were hunted because of their religious believes.

The last thing this world needs is Donald Trump as President for the United States of America. This country was founded by immigrants and we should never forget our roots. I am scared, I am scared that this country will be more and more divided. I am scared that hate will be more and more part of our everyday life.

I don’t want to be scared~!

rose hamid trump



39 thoughts on “Don’t be silent..get up and speak up!

  1. Loved this post, Bridget, and fear the absolute truth of it. Well done. So glad you’re sounding the horn! I talk to a lot of people about him here, but people are just feeding off his anger and rage.


  2. From where I sit In the UK and look upon what this man is spouting out.. I can not believe the people who are agreeing with him and supporting him… He will cause so much Mayhem between cultures within the USA .. And before long will spark something the USA can not extinguish.. And this was just another instance of his intolerance and prejudiced views..

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  3. I, along with over half a million others, have signed a petition calling on our government to ban Trump from visiting the UK. What worries me most about this man is the amount of support he has in the US for his abhorrent views and the possibility that he could be elected. Nothing he has said about the UK Muslim community is true, but people seem to want to believe him. He isn’t a joke any more: he’s dangerous.

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