It’s True For Me

Oh, this post made me laugh and it brought back memories. Years ago, at a BBQ in our house with lots of food, Beer and Margaritas, we had the brilliant idea to try parachuting. It didn’t sound right the next morning, but it was too late to back out. I can’t tell you anything about the jump, because I think I had my eyes shut all the time.

My Life Lived Full

MJ at Mary J Melange recently posted the following photo with the question “is this true or not”?  She challenged her readers to respond with their stories one way or the other.


I’m not sure about the *great* story part, but many of my life adventures were conceived over a martini and /or bottle of wine.  These ideas were fleshed out and committed to before the sober light of day could cast doubt on their wisdom.

There’s the bottle of wine shared with friends over dinner one night that resulted in the decision that I too could be a triathlete – an Ironman to be exact.  It was a decision that literally changed the life of this former non-cyclist and non-runner.

Brazil 2007 Ironman Brazil

Then there was the evening with friends and several bottles of wine when the plan was hatched to climb Kilimanjaro.  I subsequently tried to back out of this one when…

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