The most powerful commercial I have seen

Many of you don’t like to watch YouTube videos on blogs and I don’t blame you, I have mixed feeling about them myself, but I would like to convince YOU to watch this one, please. 

We were sitting in our living room yesterday in the morning and watched the Sunday Morning show, like we always do. Still in our pj’s, we were trying to wake up; it was a lazy Sunday morning, the way it is suppose to be. I don’t cry much; I learned a long time ago that talking works better than tears, but when I watched this commercial for the first time I teared up. It literally took my breath away and tears were running down my cheeks. I turned around and looked at my husband, he had tears in his eyes as well, we both swallowed hard and reached for a tissue.

Animal lovers might react differently to this commercial, but I think the message that it sends is strong either way.

I am only around and typing today, because of blood transfusions. They were available and waiting for me, when I unexpectedly needed them and I felt so guilty afterwards when I heard about it, because I had never given blood myself. It had never crossed my mind. The kindness of strangers saves lives every day. I can’t donate anymore, but I would urge everybody to at least to consider donating blood. I think everybody with a driver licence should give blood at least once, but that’s just my opinion.

A good friend of mine received a liver transplant last year in January. He had a few struggles at first, but now -only a year later- he is doing great and will be able to walk his daughter down the aisle this fall.

The kindness of strangers makes a difference every day!



24 thoughts on “The most powerful commercial I have seen

  1. This is a post about something that’s very near and dear to my heart.

    I’ve been a blood donor since I was 17. It was learned behaviour from my father who would routinely get phone calls from the hospital because they needed blood – now. Sometimes those calls would come in the middle of the night.

    My husband and youngest son are also regular blood donors – every 56 days in Canada. Unfortunately, my oldest son is ineligible, but if he could, he would.

    My husband and I are both registered organ donors and have been since we met 30+ years ago. We are fully aware of each other’s desire and intention to be donor upon death.

    I’m grateful that my loved ones have never needed transfusions. I’m hopeful that they never will, but in the meantime, we will continue to do what we can to support those who do have a need.

    In Canada, the promo for blood donors is “it’s in you to give”. It makes me sad when I hear people say they don’t because “it takes too much time”, “I don’t like needles”, “I’m afraid it will hurt”.
    I hope that more of those who are able, do.

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    • I never thought about blood transfusions, or giving blood until I had an accident. I was in my late 20’s and it did change my outlook on a lot of things.

      I am an organ donor since forever, don’t even remember the year or age.

      Many here have never given blood either, for the same reasons. Sometimes I wish I would have “a say” in things, I would really make it mandatory for everybody who has a drivers license.

      I hope your loved ones will never need a transfusion~!


  2. I think animals get to me more than children do in these kind of commercials. That was probably meant to be a good commercial, it was kind of sad. I DO believe, however, that an animal could smell like that. I know dogs are widely used now to tell when someone is going to have a low with their blood sugar.

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    • I think animals have an instinct that we lost a long time ago. Our dogs had protected me three time in their life times and all three times I didn’t have to call them, they were there when I felt uneasy in a situation. They knew it before I felt it. Hard to explain.

      I think the commercial was supposed to be sad, so that many of the ones who are against organ donation might rethink.


    • I think, we the older ones, who witnessed more sickness and more death, think about organ donation and giving blood more often, than the younger generations. I got a few blood transfusion when I was 26, until then I had never thought about it.


  3. I have seen the video before, on facebook. I carr the organ donors card with me constantly, but only in Switzerland. I donated blood for many years, but due to my diabetes and a few other problems, it was no longer allowed. The hospital would call me when they needed a supply and I could donate when necessary. Even when I was working I could leave the office and be back later. Our local hospital always gave you a bottle of wine from their vineyards afterwards, although you do not donate the blood for the wine. I was for 6 years in our local Samariter group and attended the donation sessions in the local hall often. Eventually we had to stop as we were not getting enough people donating unfortunately.

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    • We only get Orange juice, imagine how many more people would give blood here if they would get wine. 🙂

      I am excluded because of my RA, but I always went and I was called in a few time myself.

      That’s sad that you had to stop the Samariter group.

      I had never seen this commercial before. I am not on facebook. Oh Gosh, did I just post a video that everybody already saw? I do live under a rock don’t I?


      • I am in Facebook, but mainly on my own community and my school site, also my London origins. I do not bother so much with the rest, although I have quite a few dog and cat friends there and they often bring interesting videos. I was 6 years with the Sameriter, mainly as the accountant, but naturally also partaking in the exercises. Eventually I had problems with the exercises. I could kneel but not very good at standing afterwards. Helping out at the blood donation sessions was part of it.


  4. My driver’s license is marked “organ donor” so they can take whatever they need from me before they burn me up. I used to give blood but cannot anymore because of… reasons. ^_^ I am, after all, the most common and most needed blood type (O+)

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    • I can’t donate anymore either, but I did quite frequently when I still could.

      They can take all my organs, but not the face or the brain (don’t ask). Watching my friend last year broke my heart, he was so close to dying and now he is back to normal. He just takes a small pill a day, but can do almost every everything.


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