When will a shooting cost a vote?

“My people are so smart; I have the most loyal people. I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters,” that was one of Donald Trump’s statements this week.

His statement was more of a joke (I hope), but it made me wonder what he actually thinks of HIS people.

What makes him so popular right now? I try so hard to understand. Let’s consider for a moment that I would be a member of the Republican party.

Well, in this case I would look back at 8 years of hate. A hate that started, when President Obama took office. Making it a one-term election was the goal right from the start, it was the only goal, nothing else mattered; they wanted him out of the White House.

The Republican Party consequently voted against anything and everything that was brought up by President Obama. The affordable care act, the job bill, the construction bill; no matter what it was, they opposed. We the people and our well being didn’t matter much.

They even shut the government down and we almost went into default, just because they could.

I look at the Republican Presidential hopefuls and I can just shake my head. Who could I identify with, if I would really have to? Cruz? Bush? Christie? Carson?

There is almost a weird logic in Trump’s high numbers, hate and name calling makes this guy stand out; that’s what people want to hear -they are used to it, why change it now. It’s not about solutions, it’s not about us at all. It’s all about hate.

Strictly hypothetically: Would his voters really stand by him, if he would shoot somebody? I assume it would depend on who he would shoot?

A man or a woman – A black or a white person – A Jew or a Muslim – A Christian or an Atheist – A homeless person or a celebrity -A child or an adult?

Would it even make a difference at all who he would shoot, or would all his smart people still vote for him?


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke


trump with gun


36 thoughts on “When will a shooting cost a vote?

  1. Perhaps he could do everyone a favour and shoot himself? No? I don’t pretend to understand politics, let alone American politics, but I really hope this man isn’t able to buy himself the US Presidency.

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  2. From a UK, slightly left of centre perspective, I find it utterly incredible that a racist, bigoted cretin like Trump has any supporters at all. It doesn’t reflect at all well on the US that someone like him can be a part of your political establishment and could become President. The possibility of this man having his finger on the red button absolutely terrifies me.

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      • As someone who wasn’t born a US citizen you have a viewpoint that is wider than those born there. You’ll also know that what Trump says about other countries is rubbish. We stereotype Americans as insular, Trump is living proof of that! Our political leaders aren’t great either, but most have learned to apply a modicum of thought before they speak. I fear for the future – Trump v Putin could take us back to the 1950s!

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  3. I’ve always thought this was a celebrity stunt for him and the Republican guard would shut down his nonsense. I’m voting for Bernie, but I could live, I think, with Bush or definitely with Christie. Cruz might be evil and Trump is a self-centered fear mongerer (I’m sure I spelled that wrong). I can’t imagine any foreign head of state taking him seriously. He would be as bad on the international scene as Palin. Luckily, we live in a democracy so we can voice our opinions. And these are my opinions.

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  4. We went to see “13 Hours” last night and I came out of there shakin’ my head thinking it was all hopeless. We didn’t have demos in power that got off their arses and did anything, and there are no repubs I’d dream of voting for. It scares me for this country come election time. I think most of us have NO idea what this country has gotten itself into. We should ask some regular college history professor what he thinks. When the government couldn’t get any political folks to go be an ambassador to Germany under Hitler, they SETTLED for asking a mild-mannered history professor from Chicago to go. William E. Dodd was not blinded by political expediencies. He was a history professor who knew his stuff and saw what was coming. He packed up his family and high-tailed it out of Dodge. Did the US listen to him? Nope. Maybe we ought to try it again… (“In the Garden of Beasts” by Erik Larson is about that. Great book.)

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    • The U.S. is a very young country compared to the rest of the world. Reading about other peoples mistakes is different, than learning from own mistakes. Learning from history requires the willingness to learn. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear,” this country is not ready -yet.

      I never understood -and please forgive me for saying so- why this country hadn’t been divided after the civil war. I have this vision were we might be heading to and I don’t like it. We won’t be staying, we already decided that.

      I read “in the Garden of Beasts” it is a very good book, however there are many more good books available, shame is they never get translated into English.


    • I live here in the U.S. since over 30 years and for the first time we are talking about retiring overseas, what is a big to do for my husband, since he doesn’t speak the languages.

      “Frightening” that’s the right word, it’s exactly how I feel. I am frightened.

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  5. Just wondering who was involved in taking the study, what kind of questions were asked and most important …how were they asked? Unfortunately there have been many poles taken and the outcome can turn out totally different depending on how the question was asked……I’m speaking mainly of yes and no answers.

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  6. Trump has gotten the attention because he doesn’t care what anyone thinks and he thinks he has all the answers…sounds like someone else that’s in office right now…
    Whatever happened to compromise, logical thinking…maybe living in the real world? Also, he is popular because he is saying a lot of, but certainly not everything what everyone else won’t say, or not in the position to say. It’s time for our elected officials to start doing their job! ….representing the PEOPLE that voted them in office. The republicans are blamed for so many bills that they disagree with……why agree with passing a bill you can not vote for when something else is attached to it that you really can not agree to….there needs to be real “clean” bills to be voted on .. .. ones that are not held down by an entirely different type bill hanging on it! The People are tired of nothing being done to make their lives better…who is better off now then they were eight years ago…what real positive progress has been made….
    Will it be the norm for people to get blown up, or mass murdered….helping other countries that hate us and openly say they want to kill us….letting bad people go free so they can harm us again. (Which I might add…has already happened)….what’s logical about that?

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      • I agree…I am not a Trump fan. It may come down to who is the lesser of all the evils. I just hope everyone that votes are aware of who they are voting for…judge by the overall qualities…not because there is one or two things that you just can’t agree with….there will never a person that meets all the desired qualities and viewpoints. Miracles do happen, but I doubt that will be one of them. 😉

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        • You know that is so true. Years ago -way back then when I was young – there were candidates who could excite me. I was all for them and had high hopes.

          Now I look at it and try to figure out who is the lesser evil. I am an independent voter and I don’t see anything who can excite me.

          A Miracle in teh form of a politicians that we could believe in. That would be nice wouldn’t it?

          Have you ever heard about Beppe Grillo?


  7. It is baffling. The US seems to be waging a war against itself. With 30.000 shot dead each year people are queieing up to buy even more guns. They all say, ‘we want to protect ourselves.’ Where has all the logic gone? The lack of logic is spreading. Australia has at its head of state a Queen from a foreign country. It is too timid or frightened to have a LEADER FROM ITS OWN RANKS. Can you believe it? Soon we will all run around with nappies on and go ga,ga and want a dummy.

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  8. I saw a really interesting report that talked about a study of the “world view” of different voters. It concluded that generally, Republicans are more pessimistic and fear-based than Democrats who are more optimistic. It sort of made sense to me. The researchers explained that’s why Republicans and Democrats have so much trouble seeing the other side’s point of view – they just see the world through totally different lenses. Cool, huh? Explains a lot.

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