A small bottle of Champagne and the white wardrobe


A small bottle of Champagne is sitting in our fridge since a very long time. I can’t remember if we bought it, or if it was given to us; I just know it is stored there in the side door waiting for a special occasion.

What special occasions call for Champagne anyway? Engagement or wedding announcements, a lottery win or unexpected good news, like a promotion. I can’t really come up with too many reasons that would ask for a glass of Champagne. We could have opened it New Year’s evening, but we went to bed long before midnight –like so often before.

I cleaned the fridge out today and looked at the bottle. We will have to put in our will, if we will keep it any longer. I wonder, if it will still taste right. Doesn’t it turn sour after a while? How much longer are we going to keep it there, waiting for something special to happen?

Do we need a special occasion to open a bottle of Champagne or could we turn an ordinary day into something special, by doing something out of the ordinary?

I remember the white wardrobe in my Grandmother’s bedroom. It was her room and I wasn’t really allowed to be in there. The wardrobe was right beside her bed, it was smaller than the other ones and it wasn’t used for clothes; it was full of all the things she treasured.

champagne and wardrobe 3

I was not often in her bedroom, so I really didn’t know what all she stored in there. I knew that a few hat boxes, with the hats that she wore on special occasions, were in there, along with pictures, cards and many other things.

One year for Christmas I had made here a special tablecloths. It was a piece of linen and I had embroidered the edges with flowers that she liked; I had worked on it for a very long time. She loved it very much, she told everybody about it and she showed it around, then it got folded and wrapped and she stored in her wardrobe for special occasions.

champagne and wardrobe 2

Emptying this wardrobe was one of the hardest things I had to do, after she had passed away. Every box and every shelf was full of memories; it was full of the things she had cherished. Many of them were little gifts that she had gotten from me. All the things, that she thought were too good for everyday use, were hidden in there.

Even now, so many years later, I remember the sadness I had felt, when I realized that all those beautiful and special things were hardly used and enjoyed by her.

The cute little hat, the special table clothes and the handbag and gloves she only used when we left town; she left all of it behind in almost mint condition.

Why don’t I open the bottle of Champagne tonight and serve us a glass in the evening and while I am on it, why don’t I use the good glasses that we hardly use.

Maybe it is really true and we should drink Champagne for no reason at all.

We tend to reserve things for special occasions, when we really should be having it all year-round. I need to make sure that we don’t leave a white wardrobe behind as well.

champagne and wardrobe


21 thoughts on “A small bottle of Champagne and the white wardrobe

  1. I once read a sad anecdote about a man who had given his wife a special piece of beautiful (not tacky!) underwear and she “waited for the right moment” to wear that. Then she died of cancer and the man had to clean out the wardrobe anf found those knickers and tears filled his eyes as she had never found the right moment.
    So yes, open your Champagne. Drink it. Be glad you are there and healthy enough that you can enjoy it – if that alone is not reason enough, what is? The “right” moment might never come.


  2. So glad you decided to open it! We have one in the fridge which was bought for my birthday in October; went out for dinner (and wine) so it didn’t get drunk. Kept it for the purchase of a house we are buying to go through; still waiting. Thought we’d have it on NYE – like you went to bed early. BUT hopefully we can crack it open next Wednesday – I just hope it hasn’t gone off…
    …and as for best glasses, best china, my mother was like that. I use the stuff I buy. No point in not enjoying it all. xx


  3. Nice post.
    Reminds me of my pawpaw’s workstation in his and grandma’s basement. I have never been able to get into the little closet. My grandma always said that there used to be guns in there.


  4. I don’t think it would surprise you to learn that I’m not a save-something-for-a-special-occasion kind of person. My *stuff* gets used, giving any occasion a special feeling.
    But I do have a couple of bottles of bubbly in my “bar fridge” that seem to only come out when we have company – especially on a warm summer afternoon 🙂

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  5. I believe we should drink Champagne for no special reason and use the beautiful things we own as opposed to keeping them hidden away only to be taken out for “special occasions” I can imagine how you felt having to go through your Grandmother’s things all holding a memory like that. Use and enjoy using the things you have and remembering the people that once used them too. ❤

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  6. Well heck, girlfriend! Mix it with orange juice or peach nectar and have Mimosas for breakfast tomorrow! We liked that when we were on our cruises! 😀

    Seriously though, as sad as it was for you to go through your grandmother’s things, what an honor that you got to handle those things that were cherished by her. What a look into her soul…

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