Jumbled words or jumbled brain?


I don’t expect to understand everything, I am perfectly fine with the fact that some things just fly over my head.

Today I read something and my eyes got bigger and bigger, because I really have absolutely no explanation, why I can read and understand something that seem to make no sense at all.

This really puzzled me!

There you go:

Arinocdcg to rencet rseaerch, the hmuan brian is plrectfey albe to raed colmpex pasasges of txet caiinontng wdors in whcih the lrettes hvae been jmblued, pvioedrd the frsit and lsat leetrts rmeian in teihr crcerot piiotsons.

The fcat taht you are ridenag tihs now wtih reaitvle esae is poorf of the thoery.

Wehn we are yonug we not olny lraen how to raed, but aslo ibcerndily and uninaenionltlty lraen how to raed waht wuold by nmoral cooevntnin be decerbisd as uettr nnsosnee.

Tihs bges qtuseonis abuot the dicrieotn of laagngue eolotuvin.

Waht wlil lgganaue look lkie in geotrnaiens to cmoe?

Whtuoit dobut hmuan binegs are albe to asobrb pvrseiogerlsy mroe maening form pvolesesrrigy rucdnieg anotmus of wrdos and lrttees.

We now raed in shohtnrad – and iamegs – and sfcginltianiy we are beord by aiytnhng taht is too lhtngey.

Posorneiafl witerrs need to get tehir pniot asorcs in jsut a few seodcns, or the raeedr’s anitttoen is lsot.

The jmbleud wdros torhey datrmneeosts jsut how caalbpe the biarn is at arnboibsg mneaing far mroe qilcuky tahn msot wrietrs wuold eevr iaimnge.


And a fnail daioertomstnn of how celver yuor barin is – can you raed tihs?…


Isn’t this fascinating?

Aren’t we fascinating?



36 thoughts on “Jumbled words or jumbled brain?

  1. Pretty bloomin’ amazin’, eh? That’s also the reason why it’s hard to proof-read anything adequately! We see a mistake, our brain fixes it automatically. We read right over the top of them most of the time.

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  2. loved this and read it through! Working with people with Aphasia and using computer programs to unscramble words was one of the exercises we used to do. I have become much better at doing the Jumble in the newspaper as a result!

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  3. Isn’t that cool. According to research at Cambridge U, it doesn’t matter if the words are in the correct order as long as the first and last letter are correct. Our amazing brains don’t read each letter, but the word as a whole, so they reorganize the letters for us. This is why it’s so hard to catch typos!!! So amazing 😀

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  4. I had no problem to read it but I also have a mixture in my brain and I suppose that anyone that can understand the numerous Swiss German dialects and speak the language all day would probably be able to understand anything. I studied Russian for 12 years, did a year Arabic, although not much has remained and speak French and Italian as well as even hochdeutsch but everything a mixture. I dream in Swiss German and english being a Londoner (cockney actually).

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  5. I’ve read about this and it is extremely interesting how we can get past the jumbled letters. It’s the miracle of how our brains function, although I wish I was as good at remembering names as I am reading mixed-up words.

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  6. I’ve seen this before, and it is fascinating. My mom told me that I learned to read at a very early age — three I think. She also told me that at a young age (probably not three) I could read from her newspaper as she read it, sitting opposite from her at the table so the text to me was upside down, and backwards. I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t read, so I’ve never questioned her. The mind is a mysterious thing indeed.

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