Which one?


“Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision.” Well, let me try.

Was my biggest decision to give this funny American guy my phone number and address, not knowing he would turn out to be the love of my life and my husband for so many years?

Or maybe my biggest decision came later, when I decided to marry the goofy American and leave my home country and friends behind, to start a life in the U.S. far away from everything that was familiar. 

No, I don’t think so. Maybe the call to the doctor’s office that morning, when I knew something wasn’t right, was the biggest decision, because they found IT in time and life went on -just so that I could make more good and highly questionable decisions?

There was that weekend when we decided not to try anymore, we would just accept what nature had decided. A big decision it was, because it meant we accepted the fact that we would be childless.

That was big, but so was the one we made just a few weeks after that, when we decided to be happy together -with or without children and grandchildren. Was that the biggest decision ever or maybe just the right one?

Now I know! It was the night when I took cowardly the back route home, because I had had a drink and I was driving. Interesting enough, that put me right on the spot when a strangers life was in danger. I was there, because I had made a wrong decision first. Go figure~!

I can’t pinpoint a single moment or a single decision, that’s just no possible, because my life has been and hopefully will be full of moments that are worth pinpointing. 

Do I want to think about an alternative life how it could have been? No, not really, because I wouldn’t know where to start. 


The Road Less Traveled


19 thoughts on “Which one?

  1. I’m a fatalist. What happens is meant to happen. I have made many decisions in my life that turned out to be really bad, but from those came good things and no one ever said that this journey through life was going to be easy. Would I have done things differently in hindsight? Goodness, yes, but then I wouldn’t have had this life. And who knows what THAT life might have been.

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  2. Could ‘ave, would ‘ave, should ‘ave … it’s hard to wrap our heads around alternatives if we hadn’t had certain decisions … and so much harder when it’s someone like you who has experienced a life heavily weighted to the *good* side of the balance 🙂


  3. One never knows what the results of a decision are ultimately going to bring. I understand the cavalier attitude. It seems you can analyze until you are blue in the face and life will still have its way.


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