The Born Optimist


It is going to work…I can feel it~!

This is an actual conversation between me and my husband, that took place not so long ago.

He had just gotten home and he came into the kitchen with a sour look on his face.

“Honey, I hit my head.”

“That explains a lot,” I laughed and gave him a kiss.

“Not funny at all. I hit my head…Look!” and he turned around and I saw that he had a blood crusted scar on the back of his head, right there in the small  hairless area that we never mention.


“Oh, my Gosh, what happened?” I asked and he explained to me that a piece of equipment had been fallen of the truck.

“Those idiots didn’t do their job right,” he was grumpy and not in a good mood and he went on and on complaining. He was angry with his crew that day and he was angry with everything around him.

“You are so lucky,” I said and he just gave me The Look.

“Lucky…look at it, I am bleeding,” he said in absolute disbelieve.

“It could have been so much worse,” I said and made him sit down on a chair so I could clean up his wound. I don’t do blood too well and I was just glad that he was at home in our kitchen and not in a hospital with a dramatic head injury.”

“I think that’s bad enough, don’t you think?” he hissed at me and I could see smoke coming out of his nostrils. “They have to be more careful, they just do what they want and now I am bleeding.”

My husband is a perfectionist and a born pessimist -if I let him. I always joke that he can see a hair in the soup before the soup is even served.

“It could have been so much worse,” I insisted and I smiled at him. “I am so glad that’s all what happened.”

He didn’t say much, but he was still not convinced.

“I am going to talk to them tomorrow,” he said and I knew he would round up his crew and give them a safety speech and I guess they had it coming and needed to hear it, because stuff like that should not happen.

“Yeah, it could have been worse,” he finally admitted when he looked at the picture and he calmed down a little.


I am the born optimist. I chose to see the good rather than the bad. That doesn’t mean I am not aware of all the bad and all the evil, it just means I can still see options, even when there aren’t too many.

My husband and I are opposites and that’s healthy in our relationship. He grounds me when I feel like flying and I pull him up, when he feels like drowning -if that makes any sense. We are the perfect imperfect couple. 🙂



Toot Your Horn

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.


22 thoughts on “The Born Optimist

  1. My husband expects me to be tough -no matter what happens, but heaven forbid he has anything wrong -he turns into a pathetic being. But, he’s mine and I love him.

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  2. First of all congrats fot this stunning photograph … (Actually, both of you are stunning and so is what the photo shows)
    I always think “it could have been worse” when something bad happens, but I realized that I become pessimistic when some people around me are too much relaxed and not caring dangers and problems….
    So, what am I ?

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  3. That is such a great comment ‘He grounds me when I feel like flying and I pull him up, when he feels like drowning’. That’s exactly what a good relationship is 🙂
    I love the picture!! Yes, you do look very sunny ❤

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  4. I can so identify with this! My best friend is just like your husband. He tends to see the glass as half empty. I am the silver lining in the every cloud kind of gal. I LOVE how you said that even though you are an optimist, you CHOSE to see other options. Wonderful statement!


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