Leap of faith or just a jump?


We got a new puppy, just a few months ago. I remember the day not so long ago, when Patches tried to go down the stairs all by herself, she was just 10 weeks old and it frightened her.

I was sitting on the last step and I called her; I talked to her and tried to convince her that it was safe to trust me. Patches made it down the steps and she skipped the last two and jumped in my lap.

Trust or a Leap of faith in human beings, that’s sometimes all it takes.



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7 thoughts on “Leap of faith or just a jump?

  1. I posted that same video on my facebook page not too long ago. It’s just freaking adorable. Also, one of my favorite memes concerns babies (toddlers) or animals and stairs — “stairs are hard.” I’m glad your Patches finally took the leap of faith.

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