Peace is Common Sense!

 world peace 4


Looking around and watching the news, yes, I know what the author was thinking. This world is truly hell for so many -too many.

The older I get the more I long for peace. It’s a constant yearning and the voice inside me gets louder with each passing day. I am just an ordinary, middle aged woman, but I wish I could get up and talk to all. I wish I would have a voice that could truly reach people all across the globe. I wish I could shut some people up, the ones that act like they know it all; the ones that make us believe that they have all the answers, while actually knowing so little.

World peace sounds nice, but it seems to be impossible. Fighting and war, that’s what we see everywhere and some even wish for more.  It’s like a contagious disease, a virus that seems to spread further and further.

“I wish for world peace,” that short line is now almost a joke, since it has been overly used and abused by every wanna-be beauty queen. I wish we would talk less and listen more. How can there be peace on this earth if we don’t try to understand each other? The color of our skins, our gender and our religious believes shouldn’t matter, none of that should separate us.

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
~ Albert Einstein

A true understanding of each other all around the world, that sounds too good to be true. Is that even possible?

I long for a world where we all would accept each other as equal and mean it.


Peace is but a concept
Peace is but a word
Peace is never hostile
But frequently deferred
Peace is to be tranquil
Peace may not be real
Peace cannot be taken
And peace you cannot steal

With peace you can be placid
With peace you can be calm
With peace there can be silence
With peace freedom from harm

Peace is realisation
Peace may be pursued
Peace may not be found
And peace can not intrude
Peace is only freedom
From unwanted influence
With exclusion of oppression
Peace is common sense

Charles Joeseph, Abingdom, 1985

That’s what I long for. I guess one can dream.





15 thoughts on “Peace is Common Sense!

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  2. Beautiful post. I too think it feels impossible, and then I remember that it is only a matter of choice. Any nation can lead the way. Probably naive, but what we’re doing certainly isn’t making the world safer. More of it seems like insanity.

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  3. Could it be further away than it is at the minute? Night after night desperate and violent scenes flood the news till I can’t bear to watch any more. It seems there’s an enormous lack of common sense. I do wish someone would listen to you.

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