Orchids in Snow

Flowers 008

Whenever I have to say Goodbye to a friend or four-legged family member I go out and buy a plant in their memory, either for the inside or the outside. I have special orchids, rose bushes and blooming trees in memory of loved ones.

We had a lame and boring winter here in Ohio -hardly any snow and the weather was way too warm. It was a surprise, when we woke up to a winter wonderland last weekend.

Two of my special orchids are in full bloom since a couple of week. Normally they start blooming in May and June, but this year everything seems to be a little bit different. The snow outside and the exotic, blooming plants inside -I thought the contrast was worth a few pictures.







14 thoughts on “Orchids in Snow

  1. Your window ledge looks like my orchid table in front of the window complete with the snow outside.. At the moment I have reduced them to four pieces, I once had 20. I have had them blossom again, but more luck than judgement. It is now March, so I am hoping for some results in a month or so. We have had a similar Winter. I have anenomes with buds in the garden and now and again surrounded by snow, although we had a very mild Winter for Switzerland.

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    • I love orchids, they are fairly easy to take care of and they bloom for weeks. I don’t like cut flowers, so everybody who knows me buys me either orchids or other blooming plants. You should see my workroom 🙂

      We will have mosquitoes big like elephants this year.


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